Monday, December 6, 2010

Chinese Puzzle

When we began our adoption process in 2004, we learned about a neat Chinese adoption tradition called the 100 Good Wishes Quilt. Basically you have all your friends and family send you a piece of fabric and a written "wish" for the baby. The fabric is made into a "good wishes" quilt and you put the written wishes in an album. ( I haven't done that part.)


Mom put together Mighty Mouses quilt for me - as this was a good 5 years prior to my first quilt. It is still not actually quilted all together but it is sandwiched and ready to go. But it turned out to be a king sized monster so it is very intimidating...and very cool.


Mom recently sent me all the left over fabric from the quilt project. It was a box full.

And so timely.

I wanted to help out with a project that the Central Ohio Binky Patrol is doing. They are making quilts for a home that will be opening in January for the young female victims of s!x trafficking and internet p!rn. (Sorry I don't want that word to bring search traffic to my blog.) They are making homemade quilts for the girls.

So talk about a win win. I get to use up scraps that have been sitting around for 6 years, AND cut my first quilt on the GO!

I just used a 5 inch square....nothing fancy. It needed to come together quick as I am almost to the deadline.

The results?

I used twin sized measurements but it looks a little bit small for that to me. But its bigger than a lap quilt so who knows. Maybe I'm just used to oversized blankets.

Once again the back is just pieced with left overs from the front. And I did minimal quilting as I was trying to draw attention to the color pattern.
There was a gallon bag of "Chinese coins" already cut so I just sewed a bunch together for one side of the back. That was sweet. And with as many as I used.....I still have half a bag full to use on something else.
Since I was short on time I decided to try and make my own signature block this time. I went to Joann's and bought the fabric you print on from your printer.

The name is actually from my mom. She was puttering around here doing something and telling MM to clean up her mess on her desk as it was looking like a Chinese Puzzle. I looked at her and said "you just named my quilt." Too funny.

And once again let me say....I LOVE that GO! cutter!!


  1. A beautiful quilt for a worthy cause. Whoever the little girl is that receives this quilt, I am sure she will love it!

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