Monday, December 13, 2010

Cookie Camp-Out 2010

Might Mouse's Girl Scout Troop has a cool yearly tradition. They get together in a lodge for a weekend and each girl brings a recipe and they make cookies. Each girl also brings a box and the cookies are added to each box. So everyone goes home with a box full of different cookies. Great for the holidays!

This year we had scheduling problems so our camp-out wasn't until this last weekend. Normally they try to do it the end of Novemberish.

And there was snow. And a big storm coming in. But hey....these are Girl Scouts. Did not stop us.
But I must admit....a one room lodge (not counting the kitchen) and 28 girls aged 5-12. Wow. It's a little loud.

But the girls all had a great time. And you know what is super cute??? Little girls running around in pj's and snow boots. Why the boots? Because the latrines are outside. Not kidding.
The baking was a blast! Mighty Mouse really really loved it. She even washed her own dishes without complaint.
And the loot....... (and this is half way through not the final haul)
For some reason MM's box did not have half the cookies as these on the front row. Not that I'm complaining...I can't have wheat right now so I can't get into them anyways and she doesn't need to eat that much by herself.

But you want to know what my fav part of the weekend was?

The ride up.

Because in the car one of MM's friends looks at her and says she knows one other place MM has lived before.

"Where?" says MM.


"How did you know???" says MM

"Well - because you are CHINESE!!!"

"That's right! And I have TWO mommies and TWO daddies! Because I am ADOPTED!!!" yells MM in glee.

Like she's got a one up on her friend.

It was AWESOME!!!!!!

Because baby girl internalizes more than she I never really know if we've done a good job telling her life story to her and if she gets it.

But she does.

She really does.


  1. TY for visiting my blog. I do agree with you that its hard to stop quilting long enough to make cards.

    Good luck


  2. Wow! That sounds like a really cool troop tradition. And you know that all kids do more chores more willingly when they are camping.

    I love those candid moments with the little ones when they reveal stuff like that. You are doing a great job with MM; you are doing/did a great job with your other two. You are a great mom.

  3. The pajamas and snow boots almost (*almost*) make that worth it.