Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December 1st! Oh So Glad To See You!

A month and a week.

That's how long we had "company". Can you call family company? Not real sure actually.

Today is my first day with my home 100% back to being mine. Even the hubs is out of town so I really do have it back to myself.


And after paying all the bills....I went to the post office and mailed off all the Christmas gifts that had to go by mail.

Dishes are done baby!!!!!!!!!!!

And all my Christmas shopping is done!

Now I only have Christmas cards to finish and the tree to put up. We are behind on both. But since the rest is done I should have it all completed by next Monday.

Love it.

And Pandora Christmas Radio has taken up permanent residence on the Roku/TV and is giving the hubs new speakers a workout. That rocks. Well -- not ROCKS....but you know what I mean.

I'm itching to get back to the 3 quilts I'm working on (seems to be my magic number). I didn't get very much sewing done this last month at all.

I missed all my internet peoples!

So where are you on your Christmas list???? Done yet?????

(Oh, and Bethany -- so sorry I have not let you know your beyond awesome envelope of fabric showed up!! It was in the middle of the craziest point of the last month and I didn't get an email right out like I planned. You are awesome girl!!!!)

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