Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Joining my friend Tricia with a Thankful Thursday...

A very uneventful week. I think I've slept more than anything. And I've dubbed my home "The House O' Plague". It sounds like we all have one foot in the grave.

On that note...

I am thankful that my cough has changed, is not so deep, and I think I might actually finally be on the mend. Thankful! Thankful! Thankful!

I am thankful that MM is back at school and doing well. She bounced back quicker than any of us. She's also the only one that had antibiotics so maybe that's it.

I am thankful for the awful tantrums and fits MM is throwing. Okay, so they are 2 years overdue...but at least they are here now. It is uncomfortable having a child that is too good and not comfortable enough to show their cute little bum. I'm dealing with full blown three-year-old tantrums (in public also) which is wonderful. Stages that aren't reached can hold a kid back. This means she is progressing. (It also means she is spoiled rotten.)

I am thankful not to be forgotten. I get to make a trip back to see friends for a lake weekend in January. Not only did they remember me, they were willing to help out if they could. I am also thankful that it is not necessary to have help in order to attend!

I am thankful for the escrow check. Turns out that we only lost $4300 on the house. And the money we got back replaced everything we had pulled out of various places. We are right back where we started from. Now, we lost all of the money we were paid for dislocation allowance...but thats fine! At least all our accounts have been paid back...including the China account!

And I am thankful to be almost done with all of my Christmas shopping!!! Black Friday has no appeal for me I don't need anything! Although going just to sit in a coffee shop and watch is really fun.

And lastly, I am thankful that I can be in a place with no friends and still be content and happy with my little family.

(Oh, and we are checking out a church this weekend that sounds really promising....add us to your prayers for wisdom and discernment!)


  1. Good news on the house! I was praying for that to all work out.

    Black Friday really turns me off. I have vowed to never, ever shop on that day.

  2. GOod news all the way around! God is GOod!

  3. So, how was the church? I always hate the hopping part of a move... settling into a church helps so much!