Monday, November 9, 2009

A Look Inside

I've had a couple of friends try to talk me into posting a few pictures of the inside of my current digs. I find that kind of funny because I missed the house keeping/ decorating genes that my mother and sister possess. Add that to military housing and you have a rather unexciting combination.

Today at my friend Heather's Blog, she posted some pictures for readers that were asking her about her place. And then she asked her readers to join her and McLinky.

Well, I love Heather. So, I have to join her because that's what friends do.

So, you asked for it.

Today, we are showing off living rooms.

Mine isn't even all done yet. You will find things that need to be hung laying on top of the entertainment cabinet....waiting for the two extra turntables to be removed so I can do so. Did I say two? Yes. One already made it out to the garage. The other is in its proper place behind glass.

Did I just point out that my husband has 4 turn tables? A medium that isn't even used anymore? Yes. I did. You should see all the records hidden behind those doors.

You will also notice a rather large box in the floor, blocking my treadmill. Its full of stuff we aren't unpacking but are not getting rid of. We can't hang anything on the outside of the house so there is some outdoor art, wind chimes, etc. Not trash. As soon as its full I can haul it out to the garage. Well, okay, as soon as there is room in the garage...

This room is supposed to be a living/dining combo.
Didn't work for me. We require all computers to be out in the open. This usually means in the living/family room. It doesn't look nice, but I've already lived through a teen nightmare with computers. Have you??? Sometimes the look of the room is secondary to keeping an eye on our kids...even big ones. (And command central needs a new makeover as this material doesn't match its current location.)

So we have the random chandelier in the computer area....dorky. Still, it works for us.

Mighty Mouse came home from school whining and crying. I see yet another sick coming on. At least she finally left the dining room floor.

The rat is hanging out. Usually he is on the Fat Sack. He is sure its a dog bed. Why a pea sized dog thinks he needs an elephant size bed I'm not sure.

Notice the awesome vertical blinds on the back door? I really HATE vertical blinds. Really. Really. Yet if I take them down it adds a whole new problem as they don't belong to us. And they are already broken. Trash.
Of course my books take up half the room. Because I love them. And the shelves are a good place to stick all the things we've collected from around the world. No, you won't find simplicity in my living room. I'm horribly attached to my world collection.

You will find pottery from Greece, a statue from Italy, many things from China, Japan and Korea. There are also things from Saudi and other desert locations. I have things I brought back from Iceland and paintings from my grandmother and other things of hers that were passed on to me. Yes, they take care and dusting. They also bring happiness and memories.
So there you have it. We got it all in, but barely. Actually, the Fat Sack is really the only thing that doesn't really have a spot. Maybe it will go bye-bye. But then I'd have to share the couch or my seat with wiggle baby. Not fun.

Oh, and just so you know, I have total "wood floor envy" Heather. I miss my wood floors!


  1. With the space you have to work with, you did a good job. I love, love, love the shelves!

  2. Autumn, I love you too!

    Also, your bookshelves with the colorful artwork on top look really cool.

    I'm sorry you don't have your wood floors anymore. I love them too, and now that I have them, it would be very difficult to go back to carpet!

    Don't forget to post your link on Mr. Linky!

  3. I love your shelves too! They look fantastic!! You've done well with your small space. :)

  4. Those shelves were $129 at IKEA. LOVE IKEA!!!I paid less for 2 than I was going to pay for one when I was looking. Our last house we actually had one in the bedroom and one in the living room. Love them both together.

  5. Hello Autumn,

    I like the name Autumn, I think it's because I like the season.

    Anyway, I write treadmill reviews and I'm going to do a piece on how much space you need to keep a treadmill in the home. I think your picture is an excellent example of how little space is actually required for a treadmill.

    I would appreciate permission to repost the picture of the treadmill in your living room to provide an example to my readers.

    Also, TURN TABLES ARE NOT DEAD! I know tons of people who use them...the people who have a real passion for music!

  6. My house is full of far more things that I love and carry a special memory of a person or place than things that are out just for "decoration" alone! I prefer it that way and I'm glad you do too :)

    Looks like home! congrats on getting settled in!

  7. I love pretty things/memorable things from around the world. I keep them out too. However, I am horrid about dusting them. HORRID. So, I look at them and have happy memories, but I try not to point them out to visitors too often... Mom is coming into town tomorrow, so I may have to do an emergency dusting in the morning!
    Love the shelves. May have to take a trip to Ikea soon, since my shelves are both double stacked and overflowing.

  8. I love the shelves... and my parents do the same thing with their Around The World Collection... don't ALL military families do that? *grin*