Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My October Horror Fest

Obviously if you don't like horror flicks, this is the post to skip. Go ahead. I don't mind. It wasn't a good October anyways.

So, those that know me know I love scary movies. This makes October my favorite month. Not only are there a bunch of new gore films in the theater, some networks have 31 days of horror flicks. Now that's what I'm talking about.

Unfortunately I didn't have the gore fest I'm used to. At the beginning of the month we didn't have cable yet so I missed some days. Then, when hubs did get cable, we got the lowest I didn't have fearnet and some other ultra cool channels this year.

So mostly it was a month of classics and things I've already seen. But there was still some good stuff.

The CLASSIC movies that no horror fan should miss:

The Shining
This is such a great flick. It's in the Top 10 for sure. Hubs loves this one also. And yes, there are days I drive him to walk around saying...."Wendy....darling....light of my life. I'm not going to hurt you. I'm just going to bash your brains in." And that is why I keep the baseball bat handy. (Just kidding friends....the bat is to take his knee out when I get tired of the desert rotations and being a single parent. Haven't worked up the guts to actually use it....)

The Aliens Movies
My all time favorite movies. That thing is scary!! This year they played them all, back to back. We ate leftovers that night.

Night of the Living Dead!!!!!
The one that started it all!!! You can't have Halloween with this movie! George R rocks!

Halloween 4
Halloween 5
And then there was Halloween Resurrection, which I had not seen yet. Pretty good. He got Jamie Lee Curtis this time.

The Zombie Movies: (I heart Zombie movies!)

Zombie Wars
This I hadn't seen before. GREAT zombie movie. The zombies even have a human farm for food! Very gory!!!

Zombie Campout
Awesome! Now that's a zombie flick! B-rate film done in Texas. The rednecks with guns had me rolling on the floor. Now that's Texas for ya!! Oh -but the gross part of the movie is the two people (not zombies) making out/sucking face. Ewww.

Resident Evil
I. Want. To. Be. Her. And have all her guns. And be able to shoot them and hit something.

Dead Moon Rising
Another great zombie flick. Notice how the girls with big boobs in tank tops can't run very well? Hmm. Why do you think that is? Only a guy would write that in.

Return of the Living Dead
Totally 80's! I love when the medical specimens come back to life even though they are mounted and cut in half. The dog ones were hysterical!

Redneck Zombies
Its pretty bad. But not too bad. Hate the grossed me out.

Return in Red

Strange signal turns people to zombies. Set in a very boring rural setting...which makes it creepier.

Quick and the Undead
Clint Eastwood wannabe. The guy even tries to talk like CE. A new twist on the zombie film for sure.

The totally bad B Rate flicks that are so bad they are funny:

This was soooo bad I loved it! The acting was beyond bad and the bugs were so funny! Grasshoppers with overbites!! Hah!

The Vampire flicks:

Against the Dark
This one wasn't very good. But I'm not a big Segal fan either. And they call them vampires but they remind me more of zombies.

Interview With a Vampire
Pretty boys all over this movies. Better than Twilight. Lots of big names for a horror flick.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
I was a pretty big fan of the Buffy series...and as such I had forgotten how big of a comedy the movie was. I also didn't know who David Arquette was at the time it came out. It was fun seeing him. This was good for a laugh or two.

The Ghost Movies:

An American Haunting
I did not have this figured out at all. When it all came out I wished I'd never seen it.

Thirteen Ghosts
This had some of the coolest looking ghosts I've ever seen. But it is very hard to take a movie seriously when "Monk" is the leading character.

Final Destination II
Not really a ghost flick -- more like being chased by death. Love Ali Larter.

House on Haunted Hill
This is a remake of a 1959 film. It is one of my favorites also as it has so many twists. And there's Ali again.

Return to House of Haunted Hill

Just A Thriller:

Believers: Raw Feed Series
Kidnapped by a cult.

The gore movies that are my least favorite. I don't like torture or rape themes...they are too close to reality sometimes.

Saw II

The movies that are so bad you lose brain cells and IQ points -- and I would never recommend you watch:

Pinata: Survival Island
Oh my. A pinata that comes to life. Skip this one. I'm begging you!

At least I did get to see some zombies. Its just not a good October without zombies. I need to go find some more on Netflix I think.

So how about you? What scary movies did you see that I need to watch? Surely somebody out there likes scary movies also? Anybody?


  1. You and me *likethis* LOL

    I LOVED this post, every movie that you posted, I've watched and I cracked up with your Resident Evil, I want to be like her too LOL

  2. AH-HAH!!!! Sandra! See, I knew you couldn't be ALL Little House on the Prairie!!!! You've come out of the scary closet! I knew I liked you.