Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's Time For A Trip To Aruba

We haven't been on a trip lately, have we?

Well, its high time.

I'm so tired of being sick and hacking all over the place. My lungs are not being kind. And then there is the kid with pneumonia...who finished her second round of antibiotics...and two hours later started complaining of an ear ache. How does that happen???? And the other kid comes down sick also. And complains non-stop because "I can't get sick!". She did try - I have to give her that. She walked around the house in a mask for days in an attempt not to catch MM's sickness.

So right now, I'm all about laying out in sand in the sun. I don't need cool cultural things and colorful people. Just give me the beach and a fruity drink. Preferably something that will help me sleep through the coughing.
So its Aruba.

Not a lot to do on this island except enjoy a great beach vacation.
We are out in the Caribbean, enjoying life. We can go by cruise ship or plane. I'm in a hurry, so plane it is.

Now we just need to drop our bags and go sit out on the beach for awhile.
After we lose the sun and enjoy that awesome sunset, we can go in search of dinner.
In the morning we can go check out the town.
Maybe we will stop at a market stall or two and buy some of the local grown foods...
Or find a local art/craft we can take home to remember our trip by...
If we are really lucky we will have arrived during Carnival...
Later in the day we can go to the Butterfly Farm or the Donkey Farm...
Then its back to the beach. We can scuba or windsail.
Or, if you want to join me, we can go for a long walk and see all the cool boats and beaches.
And check out the locals at play. I'm sure we will see some of the local plants and animals...

Which will make us hurry back to town afterwards to enjoy natives of the warm blooded kind.
Maybe we will even see the Aloe man!
Aloe is one of the biggest products of the island. They have farms and all kinds of products that they sell all over the world.
On Sunday, we can worship at the local church ...
And by this time my lungs are all better and I am ready to head back up North. Or at least that's what I tell myself.

Who wants to join me?