Saturday, October 31, 2009

Snapshot Saturday

Halloween is by far Mighty Mouse's favorite holiday.

Part of that is about the candy....but the real appeal is all the pumpkins.

And yes, she is spending the entire day in her pumpkin costume. I can't even get her to take off the headpiece until later. She is special for sure.
As goofy as this least the rest of the week she has been stylin'. Nano made her another smocked dress for Halloween! It is amazing!
Sorry for the blurry shot. I think the pattern messed with the auto-focus. Here is a close-up of the smocked spiders:

Don't you love the bows?

Also this week she wore one of Songbirds Halloween dresses from many years ago:
Pumpkins everywhere! She's going to be mad when it goes in big sisters bin for saving instead of hers. LOL!

And for her party on Friday she wore last years smocked witch:

Yes, it has been a full week of Halloween fashions around my place. Kind of funny considering I don't really like Halloween. Can't really tell you why. Yet I love spending the whole month watching horror flicks. Makes no sense, does it?

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