Friday, October 9, 2009

Autumn is Here

I think the warm weather is gone.
And the locals keep saying they think its going to be a hard winter.

Not what I want to hear.
But I must admit I am enjoying the fall. I didn't realize I missed it while in Texas. Growing up mostly in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, I really didn't have much exposure to a true fall.
Last week the wind changed. The temperature dropped...but not too much. It smells different.
The air just feels different when it blows on the back of your neck.
I am really enjoying my daily walks with the dog. We live on a cul-de-sac that has a gravel road at the end of it that goes out into the woods. The rat and I like to wander down the road. The six pound terror ruffs his fur up and rumbles deep in his throat as he smells the deer and other creatures. He tries to chase squirrels and ends up retching from fighting his harness. (What a dope!)
Mighty Mouse has been playing in the leaves. The rat also likes to hop around in them and chase them. We really need to hurry and get a fence up for him now that the house is sold. He needs to be able to run.
I'm soaking in the "fallness" while I can. All to soon winter will be on us (and I will cry and whine like the big baby I am.). The trees are turning and painting pretty pictures before our eyes. How amazing is that?
The change in the air also triggers a change in what we want to eat. This last week we have had homemade chicken noodle soup, tortellini soup and homemade hot and sour soup with our stirfry. On Saturday we had Mooncakes and celebrated the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival.
Hubs is at this minute at the store buying the ingredients for hot apple cider. You will have to wish us luck on that as we have never made it just sounded good to both of us. The fall brings back memories of the Arbor Day Farm in Nebraska and the cider they sold. Yum. We nearly made ourselves sick off of our first taste of fresh apple cider from their apple orchards.
The pumpkins are making appearances everywhere. MM is very excited about that. She's sleep with one if I'd let her. Strange, strange child that one.
And my Songbird went to her first homecoming dance. Wow - she's looking so grown-up. When did that happen?
I will leave you today with some of my current favorite photos from the web. You know I'm a sucker for those photos! Happy Fall everyone!


  1. Happy fall! It is definitely my favorite time of year! And probably one of the main reasons I will not move to the south again given a choice. :) Miss you.

  2. It's my favorite time of year!!! So... when is your birthday?

  3. My favorite too! It got nice and chilly here today. I was so glad. Loved those pics! Esp. of the the baby licking the pumpkin. :)

  4. Fall is great! I was laughing at the pic of the baby licking the pumpkin too! :)