Wednesday, October 7, 2009

So you want to be frugal??

Stay away from government housing.

Not kidding.

These guys are supposed to want us to use our resources wisely...correct?


I was just getting into gardening in Texas. It was great. And I loved being able to go out in the backyard and pick things for the dinner table. It saved money for sure. Couldn't beat the freshness. I didn't use harmful chemicals.

So I was looking forward to doing some growing in Ohio. That's farm country. I should be able to grow lots of things and bring down that grocery bill. Right?

Unless you live in government housing. We are not allowed to grow anything except ornamentals at this house. I did ask about container gardening and they said it was okay....but I've seen others trying that on this street and its a sad sight. I think I might still give it a shot come spring, but let me tell you I was not encouraged to do so.

Our utilities are at government rate. You would think that means we are encouraged to be energy wise...correct???

Not so.

Now we can go to the Self Help store and get our filters and many other things also at no cost. They give light bulbs even. But they give the old light bulbs. Not the energy efficient ones. Oh no. Why isn't the government pushing the better light bulbs? I mean, it doesn't have to give them away, but at least stop giving away the wasteful ones and encourage the new bulbs. But then again, with so much of the military living on food stamps, I guess its better to give something than nothing? I don't know.

That brings us up to clotheslines. Everyone knows that the dryer is the biggest energy eater in the house. Guess what? We are not allowed to put up a clothesline. What the heck is that???? How in the world do they justify this one?????? No clotheslines?????

Thinking about back yard chickens? Nope. Not allowed. (Okay, so I wasn't thinking about them but if I did...)

Oh, and these houses did have lead paint. But we don't have to worry about that because they've got like 30 coats of other paint on top of that since they are painted every time someone moves. Wow. Is that supposed to make me feel better??? Well, why doesn't it?

But hey, thats really nothing compared to the fact that we are living on a Superfund site. Hah! So glad I am NOT planning on getting pregnant. Now, doesn't that sound like something they should have to tell you???? (This explains why we aren't allowed to grow anything in the ground.)

So, okay, now after reading this, explain to me how having the government involved in health care is going to make that more cost efficient and safe???

I'm not seeing it.


  1. Most of the rules sound typical to rentals, like no gardens and no clotheslines. Rentals can even tell you what color curtains to hang. You would hope the government would have better sense than to put you on property that they wouldn't allow anyone else to live on, though! Rental properties that are shown to have lead paint and contaminated soil are required by the government to do something about it. That they would have you living where they wouldn't allow me to live is ridiculous! How long is your lease?

  2. wow...that is stunning information. Truly stunning!

  3. We were allowed to have clothes lines at Beale, and grow in the ground. Sounds like you are a much pickier base. Bummer. I haven't asked about those things here - I live off base, thankfully!
    I will agree with the wasted utilities thing completely though. My on-base friends here are always complaining about how water leaks aren't fixed, nothing is HE, the windows are not air tight AT ALL so the air conditioning runs all the time, wasting electricity... it goes on and on.

  4. Things like this just make me plain ol' mad.

  5. Autumn, in most of the housing developments around here, clotheslines aren't allowed either. According to my neighbor, they're frowned on by the homeowner's association because they look "white-trashy."

    Well, call me white trash then, because I love my clothesline!