Thursday, October 22, 2009

I've Been Boo'ed!!

I had to share this with you guys.

I made a quick,unexpected trip out of town...and managed to get sick along the return home from a perfect time....and collapse into bed for days.

On the first day home when I was feeling really bad, there came a ring of the doorbell.

Songbird glanced out the front windows to see some kids running away. She laughed and told me we just got the hit and run from a couple of three year olds.

Hmmmm. I told her to check the doorstep.

And what did she find?
Why, a bucket full of yummy treats and a cute little mug.

Now I know what all those fliers are taped up on peoples doors on my street.

So I thought I'd share because it is really such a fun thing to do in your neighborhood. If you click on the poster photo you can read it and maybe even start the same thing on your street.

I'm curious to see if they do something similar at Christmas time. Wouldn't that be a nice little way to spread a little good cheer on your block?


  1. We use to do this when we were at Beale, and my sister's neighborhood does it every year. (you can see her's from this year at, if you want to)
    It really is a fun tradition.
    Glad you had something cheery to brighten you day when you were sick.

  2. Our neighbors used to do this. It hasn't happened for the past two years though. :)