Saturday, October 3, 2009

Snapshot Saturday

I took a little break from sharing our festival orgy. I thought you guys might be getting a little tired of it. So I didn't share the Popcorn Fest and a few other things. And the family bowling I thought you might like to skip -- although the family deal is great! 2 games, shoes, pizza and a drink for $7 per person. Fun!

But I have to share the museum.

The National Museum of the USAF is located here at Wright Patterson. It is huge -- 4 hangers! And best of all...its FREE!!!

Over the last few weeks they have been focusing on WWI. There are planes here that are flying reenactments and everything. Guys and girls dressed in period roam the WWI hanger and will stop and talk to you about any questions you may have. I have to tell you its strange to see people walking around in German uniforms and such. These people really know and LOVE their history.

One weekend they were having a free movie and a discounted IMAX show on flight. So, the family headed over to see it. This was MM's first IMAX and she laughed as it tickled her tummy on the parts where it feels like you are moving.

I took several pictures (the aerial view above is not mine) while we were there but I only had the digital with me. I can't wait to go back with my real camera and try a few things. They do the lighting in a way that makes it hard to get really good shots with just a regular camera but I have high hopes with my Canon.
We barely scratched the surface of the museum. They even have classrooms for the kids - but not during the timeframe we were there.

I'd love to do this museum without kids also so I can read more of the displays.
I can tell this will be one of those things that we will take visitors to. And its it less than 5 minutes from the house.
Normally I'm not overly interested in airplanes and such, but I have to give this museum a complete thumbs up. Even the SAC Museum in Nebraska doesn't hold a candle.
So, when you come see me, I'll take you there.


  1. Nothin' like cheap fun! Glad y'all are enjoying your weekends...

  2. That looks like so much fun! I LOVE museums, especially when I can sneak in without the kids and read every word on the displays.