Sunday, November 3, 2013


Its starting to feel more and more like home here. We are doing our best to integrate into our new community and get involved.

Our local grocery has a fantastic program where they put together a paper bag with the stuff to make a spaghetti or a tuna casserole or whatever. You buy the bag and they take it across the street to the local food pantry.  We have contributed to that a few times. Its so easy the way they do it and it costs about $7. Very smart way to market that.

Mouse took part in a weekend dance camp.
She didn't really know anyone but she wanted to participate.
She was the smallest girl in her age group. They say everything is bigger in Texas. LOL
The next Friday night the dance camper were part of the high school football game half time entertainment.
They also lined the field where the players ran out onto the field so they could scream and shout and jump up and down to show their support. Mouse stood there watching it all in complete awe and ignorance of what was going on. Football fail. 
And ended up in the local paper her first month in town. I understand everyone ends up in the local paper. Last week was a full spread of the truck stuck in the mud at the cemetery. Not kidding.
Mouse also decided she wanted to take part in the local fun run one weekend.  I was surprised as I never see the kid run. I was unsure what the outcome was going to be.
Once again much smaller than her peer group. But she wasn't intimidated. And she knew people at this point so it was all good.
She was not last but she was sweatier than I have ever seen her. Drove straight to the local ice cream place for a snow cone after that victory.

Daddy made it home in time for the community fall festival.
There were games and prizes and fun to be had. Plus I am starting to recognize a few people to say hello to.

Love being back in a small town with community activities. Love the bake sales by the main road. We stopped at one and there were people selling baby chicks, ducks and turkeys.  Mouse was amazed at the black chicken (aka turkey).  And then the next day at the vet she was impressed with the hippo (a big black hog) and the moose (deer).  City kids.  

Plenty to keep us busy.

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