Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Week With Nano

When you see stuff like this going know Nano is here for a visit. Because she is the master of crafts...I just ride her coat tails.

Mom came to watch the girls for me while I went on my beach weekend with Frymark family. There is no better babysitter than grandma.  Plus I needed someone to pick up the Hubs when he got back before I did.

And you know I have a cool mom when at 70 she comes and sleeps on a blow-up mattress in a house with little to no furniture. LOL.

Since the craft master was here I had her help me do a wreath for the front. The previous owners left a nice one out for us but it was very spring. Sorry for the crooked picture. And the remains of the mud dauber mess on the wall.
She also brought a vase and bulbs for some kind of flower (I forget) and put that together as a house warming gift.  She does try so hard to help me out.

She also helped me go to the paint store and mull over paint, buy samples and paint a bunch of splotches on the living room walls. (Which just messed with Hubs apparently.)

She was also here to help out by sticking around while the workmen were here and we were down to 1 car and four schedules to meet that had me running everyone everywhere.

I have picked her brains for ideals on how to set this place up and such.

And all too soon it was time for her to pack up and go.

Looking forward to the next visit already.

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  1. Your Mom does indeed rock. Miss her almost as much as I miss you. :)