Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Yet Another Beach Weekend

That makes three for me this year. Bet that never happens again.

This time I went on a family girls trip.

In June I was talking to my MIL and SIL and we were talking about my trip with my friends. MIL said she couldn't think of anything better than a girls trip.

So I said let's do it.

SIL has a friend with a beach house that would rent to us REAL cheap. Perfect.

We planned on asking all the family ladies but circumstances made that a problem - so in the end it was just the three of us...with plans to expand next year.

This year we headed down to Galveston just the three of us. And there was rocking on the porch....

Walking the downtown historic district and the seawall...

Walks on the beach in daylight

And after dark

And then more walks....

There was also great seafood and a trip out to the campus to spot the memorial brick of a well loved and missed Frymark...

There were fruity drinks, card games, books to read ..

And most importantly lots of laughs to be had.

It was a great start for the first annual Frymark's girls trip.

Looking forward to next year.

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