Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pinecone Meets Riding Mower

So with Hubs being gone a full month and having a solid week of rain....the yard got really really bad. Luckily that was everyone's story, not just mine.

I asked the electrician we had out to do some work (ungrounded sockets, shop wired for the RV, doorbell fixed -- all done!) if he could recommend someone that does yard work from our little town. And he knew someone and got the phone number for me.

To make a sorta long story much shorter, I finally got the guy out...more rain delays...and half way through the mowing I heard glass shatter.


Because the carpenter ants and unfinished walls under the wallpaper just wasn't enough?

So this is our disaster for this rotation.  You know every time Hubs is gone its something right? This time it was at least manageable with two mechanic visits, one gashed open brake line, one heater hose blowing at the doctors office (which Bones fixed and rescued his poor mom), one garage door disconnected by electrician which I couldn't reattach (just needed a man), one broken light fixture from trying to change a bulb, a total surrender to the wallpaper I could not get off the walls...and a hole the size of a basketball in the front picture window.

And being in a small town getting workers out is the most frustrating exercise every.  Took over a week to get the first person I called out. After I gave up on him and called someone else.  I would have rather given the quick company the job but in the end the slow poke was literally half the cost.
And two weeks later (no joke) I have a new window.  It is not an exact match but its pretty close. You can tell more from the inside than the outside. So curb appeal is still solid.

And yes, the mower guy did pay for the entire repair.  Mowing is just his day job. He has been a Baptist preacher here in town for 21 years.  I was not worried. LOL. (And yes I would use him again -- it was an accident.)

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