Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A New Scout Troop

We finally found a troop in our new town.  Funny thing is the town hasn't had one for 5 years and this troop is just being started by two ladies with no experience but 100% heart. We lucked out. Talk about perfect timing.
I'm a fan of scouting because of the social projects they do for their communities. More kids need to get their hands dirty helping others right where they live. This is how you teach empathy and social responsibility without it always being a "church thing".  I have seen kids that grow up in the church doing "good works" have a total disconnect on helping out for no other reason than because its your community.  Whoops...rabbit trail.
On a more personal level, Mouse has been helped tremendously by Scouts. With her separation anxiety I needed that place outside of school where I could take her and have her with other kids and off my leg. Ok, so I stayed in the building and ended up working with the older girls again...but that's besides the point.
Now here we are being our 5th year.  Mouse grew to where she would go on field trips and then overnights without me.  You would have to have known her as a scared little baby and toddler to full appreciate what a big deal that is.
Its so huge I even found a troop that would accept her for the 6 months in Arkansas. It is a staple in her life to date. She has been blessed with the first two troop leaders that are amazing leaders that grew up in scouts and knew their area and camping like the back of their hands.  These are women worthy of your girls.

Looking forward to getting to know our new troop and all our new adventures!

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  1. Such wonderful news Autumn, glad to hear you found a troop in your town :)