Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My Own Nightmare Before Christmas...And After...

I have a few medical issues I am finally getting taken care of.  See, military care? What care? They did not help me and did not want to be bothered.  What? Synthroid not working for you? Wow. Too bad. Guess you got a problem.

Anyways, now that I have real insurance (until the new rules kick in and we are taxed on it, at which point we will have to drop it and go back to the Tricare that no one accepts) I am getting answers.  Real doctors care. And never once am I asked if it could be a mental issue because my husband is deployed.

So there are 4 separate things we are working on. Most of them are just issues of finding the correct dosage, etc.

But there is one that is a bit of a problem. It keeps me busy - or at least it has for the last month. I finally feel like I have a handle on it though,

Part of my allergy problems and most of my migraine issues are food related. Military would not help. But that's ok cause all that testing is done now. And they ended up paying for part of it anyways.

So I have this list of foods I can't eat for 6 months in order to clear some of this up. Hopefully after the 6 month most of it can go back into my diet.  Some things like the wheat and diary will never be able to...I've known that for years, but now its officially in my records, not just a guess. (And no I am not a celiac.)

For now the list of no-nos include:
Black Pepper
Green Beans
Cayanne pepper
sweet potato
iceburg lettuce
butternut squash
cane sugar
egg yolk

Wheat, egg, soy, corn, milk, sugar, yeast - that about covers anything packaged thank you very much or anything with oil

Beef??? Kill me now

Black pepper and garlic??? How am I supposed to cook???

Iceberg lettuce? Huh?

So its been an interesting month. I have learned to substitute cardamom for black pepper. I also have an Indian spice coming that they use as a garlic or onion substitute.  I also carry a cardamom in my purse.  Hey - did you know cardamom is the third most expensive spice? Yep. Right after saffron and pure vanilla. Unfortunately I am intimately aware of this.

Yesterday I messed up and used butternut squash in some roasted veggies. Goes to show I don't have the whole list memorized yet.

I survived the Halloween candy, but Thanksgiving and Christmas are on the horizon.

But its only 6 months. After that point I should be able to start adding things back in to find what I need to stay away from forever. I've known wheat for years. Same with milk. Those need to stay off limits.

I've only had one migraine since I started this...and it was because I had a diet Sprite. I know  better than to touch artificial sugars also. Have to stick to my pure juices watered down with club soda when I feel like having a "soda".

Already looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts NEXT year!


  1. Speaking from experience, it gets easier with time for two reasons. One: you get used to the restrictions and the list so mistakes come less frequently. Two: you begin to feel so much better that you don't even want those foods anymore.(Well, it gets easier unless you are hormonal, tired, sick, or for any reason overly emotional.) Hang in there!

  2. I am so sorry Autumn. I'm glad Tricia said it gets easier. I would just put you in a funk. Good luck to you - and I hope you get better for the efforts!