Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Just Sitting Here

Living in limbo is not fun.

I don't even know what to do with myself half the time.

Things are still a mess.  Our 1st of the month paycheck is still not here on the 21st.  Really people? It's reached the point of "you must be making this up".

We were turned down on the replacement life insurance.  Well - not exactly. They wanted a few more tests but we weren't going to be able to get it all done before the official retirement date so we ended up saying never mind and taking the military survivors benefit.  Which we found out yesterday is twice as much as expected per month. But that is still $50 under what we thought the civilian insurance would be so we still come out ahead for now. We can revisit all of this in two years and get it fixed like we want. No biggie.

We finally have our numbers on what the pension check will be each month.  I'm happy to say that it was almost $200 more than expected.  When Hubs hears back from the disability board it could be even more...but that will take until like July or something. Stupid amount of time. But again, its government. It couldn't go any other way. For now we have our numbers and we can live until school is out on them.  But that's with hitting our savings.  June will bring big changes with our without a job. Without a job we can't sustain the rent/electric and will have to move out. We are working on that eventuality right now.

With the numbers we were able to apply for the kids to get reduced lunches. They were approved yesterday and that is actually a huge thing. It was costing me $25 a week for school lunches for both girls. Even with them packing on days they didn't like the food it was still about the same with groceries.  The reduced lunches ensure the girls will get to eat on school days -- occasionally a decent meal. Not that the school lunches are great.

I do a whole lot of nothing. We don't have the money or the gas to even go do something free. That leaves me here at home.  And there is no money for little projects or anything so I have the internet (thank goodness for a high school student and a man using the internet as a job hunt tool) and plenty of books.

I always feel like there is something I should be doing and find myself wandering the house or just taking a nap out of boredom.

Songbird does not appear to have walking pneumonia like her sister. Just a virus.  This is good.

The truck is acting up and needs to go back to the transmission place. This is warranted work.

So day-by-day things tend to balance out.  We keep our heads above water anyways.  We don't have it bad -- we just don't have it good.  But we have it.  LOL.

So keep us in your prayers. And if you need some extra prayers out your way let me know. One thing I've got is plenty of time on my hands for extra prayer time. LOL.  And that can't be bad, right?

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