Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Murphy Update

Wouldn't it be sad if this became a regular Monday post? Although as my wonderful friend Amy points out -- God is bigger than Murphy -- apparently Murphy has been given permission to have his way with us for an unknown amount of time. update.

1.  Still no job. Nice emails telling Hubs he has an impressive resume and passing it around...but no jobs. The job search has now been widened to anywhere instead of just Texas.

2. Mouse went in for a follow up (5 days after we were supposed to as we are retired and don't get timely appointments now because of that fact) and it turned out she now had pneumonia in both lungs and needed yet a different antibiotic.  So the delay in getting an appointment was actually a good thing as I don't think they would have caught it just 2 days after being released from the hospital.

3. Songbird is now coughing, has a sore chest, fever and aches and pains. Afraid she might have the same thing as Mouse. Tomorrow looks like another try to get an appointment.

4. Paycheck has been missing 18 days now. And a call resulted in being told that they TOLD us it would be 7-10 days from normal time. Umm.  17 is more than 10.  Even if you count the weekends.  That must be some new government math I'm not familiar with.

5. Truck had to be taken back to the transmission place (from a new transmission 10 months ago),   BUT it was under warrantee so they fixed a seal and made sure it was good to go for hauling.  So really this worked out in our favor also.

Seems I'm missing a few things. But that's enough misery for one post. LOL!!

Let's see what this week brings!


  1. It appears I have missed quite a bit... I am so sorry! I was just talking to my neighbor about you. They are retiring in a few months. I don't think I will tell them your latest adventures! We'll stick with the happy parts about not having to deploy anymore. Maybe that will be a happy thought for you too?
    Get those girls well. Tri-care may be annoying, but at least they are there. Trust me, it is better then nothing!

  2. I hear you loud and clear. What peace I've finally come to, knowing that if He knows when one sparrow falls, He no doubt sees you too. And truly, whatever we seek first determines everything else. (Matthew 6:33) When I see the quilt you made hanging over my little guy's bed each night - I will pray for you! Hang in there! :)