Monday, March 12, 2012

Leave it to Mouse

I managed to make it 44 years in life WITHOUT an ambulance ride.

Leave it to Mouse to ruin my perfect records.

She is so good at rearranging things in our lives. LOL.

Due to Mouse's autoimmune disorder, a simple cold is never just a simple cold.  Thankfully she doesn't catch colds often (a mystery to me with her awful diet).  But last Friday I took one look at her when she got off the bus from school and knew we were in trouble.

A fever and a cough.  That's all it takes. No runny or stuffy nose. No other symptoms. Its enough to set off disaster music in my brain.

So by Tuesday we were off to the ER.  I had actually made an appointment for her to be seen that day at 2, but she was doing so much better and fever free by 11 that I cancelled.

I know better than that.

Because 4 is her witching hour of spiked fevers.

Anyways. We did the whole ER thing.  And by the time we had her in the chair taking vitals, you could see the extreme rapid breathing. And her oxygen stats were way low.  So after a round of labs and xrays and a few failed attempts to get a heplock in her....
We were informed that we would be taking a trip.  Yes, we were to be chauffeured to Children's Hospital. Don't pass go. Don't collect 200$. Put an oxygen mask on that kid and get her over there.
So I made it 44 years without ever seeing the inside of an ambulance. But Mouse only made it 7. And she was thrilled because she thinks she wants to be an EMT at this point in her life.

So we took a midnight ride.

And by 4 in the morning we were in our own little room with antibiotics and amazing nurses. And realize I have only had two experiences with civilian hospitals in my life -- when I had Bones and when hubs had back surgery. So all this good care is foreign to me.

And everyone got to see why Mouse is not invited to sleep in my bed and has a sleeping bag under the bed when she needs to join me in my room.

And she was off oxygen after a couple of breathing treatments.  We were home by 4 that afternoon.

I was running on less than two hours sleep so I crashed hard for about 15 hours while daddy took over.

And Mouse will be returning to school next week.  We keep her out a little longer since her immune system is already compromised.  Because pneumonia is just a part of her reality. And we have to learn to work with that.

And that was my fun week.

How was yours?

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