Monday, March 26, 2012

Pinterest Project #1

Like many people I have a Pinterest account.  I use it mostly to store sites that I want to return to -- tutorials or idea's I am interested in.

Since I am pretty much stuck in limbo I thought I would check out my links and see if there was anything I could do that I already had the supplies for. After all, using the info is supposed to be why I have this Pinterest account, right??

I knew I had to go through the file cabinet and purge. We keep most bill statements and banking stuff for a certain amount of time. With a move coming up I knew it was time for a major paper purge.  After going through the various files and making a mountain in front of the shredder, I looked at my ever growing warrantee and owners manual files.  I was up to about ten.

I though I remembered tagging something to help organize these better so I checked my Pinterest and sure enough, there was an idea.  And all I needed were empty three ring binders and plastic sleeves.  I had both of these since I recently went through all my scrapbook stuff and got rid of many things.

The finished result is that my 10 sloppy file folders taking up too much space in the file cabinet turned into three binders on the cookbook bookshelf. Nice, neat and tidy.  And oh so easy to find what you are looking for.

I ended up separating into kitchen, garage tools/bikes and everything else.

The booklets that are no longer needed due to broken or given away products have been purged now and that will be much easier to keep up with.

Project number one was a definite help. If you don't have a good system for your booklets I would highly recommend it.

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