Friday, September 30, 2011

Still Producing

So far we have not had a frost and the tomatoes are still going strong. Strangely enough, the Charlie Brown tomatoes in the straw bales have decided to take off and are producing the largest fruit I have collected in my own garden attempts yet. Nice surprise.

Pulled out one of my newer canning books to throw together some salsa as I had a few jalapeno's and a basket full of tomatoes that needed to be used before I lost them to spoilage.
It was a rather comical event as I had already blanched the tomatoes to peel and started the salsa when I realized I did not have enough vinegar. Had to try a FB call out and then text another neighbor with the promise of a jar a fresh salsa for a cup of vinegar.  Since I had things already started on the stove I couldn't just run out.

After giving one jar away for the vinegar and another to one of my teen's friends, I ended up with 4 jars from the one basket. Not too shabby.

Now if the frost will just hold off until the big tomatoes ripen it would be great. I can do a whole 'nother batch.


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  2. Wendy @adoptionandfire.comOctober 3, 2011 at 11:15 PM

    We have big, fat tomato plants but they don't produce. I am so bummed!!! I want tomatoes!!!!!!

  3. With temps above 95 they just don't produce fruit. This would be my biggest draw back of settling in Texas! LOL! Guess I'll have to find a good farmers market if we make it back!

  4. WHEN you make it back....We can run up to Dallas to their AMAZING farmers market! I'll drive just to get a jar of that salsa.

  5. You are ON!! The Waco farmers market is a major joke. I swear all they ever have is beets and honey. LOL!!