Saturday, September 3, 2011

Autumn Asks: Do You Can?

The Canning Queen of the Desert from Etsy on Vimeo.

Can I just say that I want to squeeze her??? Can you imagine if more of the empty lots in large cities were utilized for food growing? Give the teens and older kids something to tend to and get their hands dirty in? We would see sure a revival in young people learning to cook. (There is alot of this going on all over the states and if you Google the subject you will meet some amazing people.)

Since my garden has been a success this year canning has been on my mind. But. Always the but. We are also looking a move in the face so its just not a good ideal to be storing food when we should be depleting it. Trust me....pantry items weigh too much....and our household goods were over our allowable when we got its downsize time.

(By the way...remember me making fun of my Charlie Brown tomatoes in the straw bale??? Well, all of a sudden they took off when it started cooling down this month and became a jungle. Now lets see if they will produce before it frosts.)

I did manage to do my peppers and jalapeno's.

Those will be gone before we move and I didn't plant enough of them to make much more than what you see here.

So I'm really, really, really looking forward to owning my own home and being able to actually have a real garden and get back to canning. So glad through the last few moves I did not get rid of all my stuff to do so.

So how about you? Do you can? Do you have a great canning recipe? I'd love for you to share if you do. Mostly I've just done salsa's and jalapeno's.  I wonder if I could can my green chiles instead of freezing them? Think I will check on that!

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