Wednesday, September 7, 2011

So Random

See that collar? With tags still on marked $3.99 at the thrift store. was half off day.  I'd show you the picture of the one exactly like it Hubs bought for $25 to start obedience school.  But - he returned it and has $23 in his pocket now.

So don't understand people that won't shop at thrift stores. LOL!

For the faint of heart...... This is collar number 4 for the beast otherwise known as Cinder. One a leash she is a force to be reckoned with. Her collar leaves her too powerful. A choker, just chokes her. A gentle leader does fairly well...until she wants to fight and then she still has too much control.  This bad boy, high on the neck makes her as easy to walk/run as a 6 pound Chihuahua. No joke.  And besides...the obedience school HIGHLY recommended hubs switch to it. LOL.

Now, I might go another year before I find a buy as good as that, but its still worth checking out those second hand stores ladies. You never know what you will run across.

But I will admit that almost 100% of our clothing comes out of Kohl's Dept. Store. It is what it is. And it is coupons and discounts and clothes for the whole family. One stop shopping. It's not about being freaked out or squeamish about thrift clothing...I just don't happen to have much luck in that department.

But I've bought sewing machines for $15 to give to new sewers.

And its the best place to find cloth napkins if you are switching over....most of which will still have the tags on them. Makes it cheap to switch from paper to cloth. 

I recently found a $4 drying rack that I had been holding off buying because they are $30 at the retail store.

A gel bicycle seat slip on cover for $2.

And always lots of candles if you are a candle burner. We use candles around here so its my first place to look in many cases. Good for those times with no electricity.

So I'm you buy at thrift stores? If not, why not? Just curious!
(And if you are in my area, what are your favorite ones????)


  1. I adore thrift stores. Adore. When we first married pretty much everything we owned came from the thrift store. (or handed down from the parents- I don't think I could sleep on a mattress from someone I didn't know...) My kids love to go to the thrift store for toys - their allowance goes a lot further there. I have found some incredible books, and as a homeschool mom, that makes my day. Cloth napkins and candles, just like you, are some of my favorites, especially since they both get completely worn out and HAVE to be replaced. (remember, I have two small boys. My napkins get destroyed after awhile!) There one on post here is wonderful, but the one at Moody was lame. Goodwill is almost always fun.
    Oh, and I am with you on Kohls, They have great prices most of the time. I am actually a big fan of Target clothing for my kids. That whole one stop shopping thing - watch their clearance. It can really pay off!

  2. Target clearance is another one of my favorites also.
    Our thrift store on base here is junk. I kept hearing how good it was but every time I go in I am shocked at the bad repair the stuff is in.
    Hummus: chickpeas, garlic, lemon juice and tahinni. That's it. We just do each ingredient to taste.