Friday, September 2, 2011


So enough already, right?

Last one! I promise!

After making quilts for all my friends, I made one for myself.  Using the scraps from the other quilts. Up until the very end I had no ideal what I was going to do for my own.  Along the way I did try a few blocks that I had seen on the internet that looked like good ways to use up scraps.

I found a pattern a couple of years ago that was a book case. So cool. It was very realistic looking and I had it in the back of my mind to make one for myself one day.  But realistically I knew that would never happen. So I decided I could make a smaller version in the middle of my Frankenstein. LOVE IT!!
I also made a few string blocks using the scraps of the other quilts while I was working on them. After playing with a few and seeing how easy they were to make I decided I could add some of those in also.  After playing with it a bit I finally made alot of those blocks to make up the front.
The back is mostly made up of these spooky purple trees...which is actually a halloween fabric.  I loved them -- guess I'm just weird like that.
Separating the trees from the blocks I tried my hand at some crumb blocks. They look like roses to me. After playing with it for awhile I had enough to run this border down the quilt.
My flaming purple pony. For the actual quilting I just did a meandering loopy line all over the quilt.
The other blocks consist of a spider web set...a block I wanted to try. No I will never do it is not easy. Of course mostly that is because I used tiny scraps and most people are smart enough to make large blocks.

There is also a block with the state of Texas and the top one is a material I tried to design. I wanted a purple pony fabric and couldn't find one so I tried to design my own. Fail. But I kept the piece I had made and added it to the back.  This fail is what resulted in finding the horse paper piecing so each of us would have a purple pony.

All the random borders on the front and back are actually the extras cut off of the other quilts when I was squaring them up.  The binding is also all the tails from the other bindings that I sewed together to make mine.
And let me tell you this is one heavy quilt with all these fabrics.

So there you have it. The fruits of my labor from November to August.

Now I just have to figure out what to do with all these purple left-overs.


  1. Oh, my, gosh! That is soooo incredibly neat!

  2. That bookshelf is unbelievable! My main comment at the end of this "show" is, "You cannot call yourself a beginner anymore." No one is ever as good as they want to be. No one is ever perfect, or a pro, or probably ever thinks they are happy with their own work but instead sees every mistake instead! But you are NOT a beginner anymore. You have proven your talent, and it is amazing.

  3. Funny thing is that with the exception of the quilt with the stars, its all straight line sewing. Its awesome that I can make cool looking stuff with the most basic sewing there is!

  4. Doesn't it beg an evening on the couch - with both of us wrapped in our blankies and a mug of soup in our hands????

  5. Cassie! You have been such a sweetheart commenting on each one!