Friday, October 7, 2011

A Way Cool Tour

Well, I am very unhappy to say that my pictures for this post were no good. I did try and email the company for copies of their digital  photos but no luck.  So here goes a post with a photo pulled from the web that is not my own. So Sad!

Due to some family business, I made a mad dash to Nebraska recently. I was looking for an excuse to get out that way to see my girls...and one came up. Perfect timing in more than one way.

While visiting I did something way cool. I picked up the phone and called Accuquilt.  After all, I was in the area.  And they ARE AWESOME.  Withing two days I was taking a tour of this office and factory and seeing just how it was done.

Because you know I LOVE my GO! Cutter.  And not just a little.  If mine broke, I think I might actually consider selling one of my children to replace it.  Probably the oldest one.  He cooks so he should go for a good price.

So, on the appointed day, FigNewton and I set out for the factory. She was my navigator - which is good because she is almost driving age and needs to know how to get to important places like this. Right?

When we walked in they had a sign up saying welcome to all of us by name. That was cool!  I'd show you a picture of that but it had FigNewtons real name....and since she's wanted in 14 countries it would be a bad ideal.  (You know I run with a rough crowd, right?)

We had our own special tour guide. First we toured the offices and saw many cool quilts that they had done. To work at Accuquilt you actually have to make something. Is that not cool?  And that includes the guys.

Everyone was so friendly and stopped what they were doing and showed us what they do. The computer guys were the coolest.  I probably shouldn't admit that, but they LOVE to show you what they do and show off them fancy computers. Very impressive stuff. (And I'm not being funny!)

And the owner Steve? What a character.  And he made sure that the guys in the factory got the message to let us run the lasers.  What's not to like, right??

After meeting all these cool faces that I recognized from the web site and videos and pictures, we were taken into the factory where the dirty work is done. And yes, I did get to run the lazer! Somebody out there is getting a die cut that I actually programmed!

The blades are actually made in a sister facility in Lincoln so we didn't see those made. But I was very impressed with what we learned about the other facility. And if you want to know more about it you will have to go to Nebraska and take your own tour.  Hah!

After the factory we went to the shipping department and met the ladies who put it all together and send it out. A very friendly bunch I must say. And did you know they put a scent in the packing material so it smells good when you open the box? Kinda cool, huh?

Of course we were given a little goodie bag and a magazine....and even though it was not that close to Halloween...the candy was a flowin'.  LOL.

It was a fun time.  And it might have even inspired my partner in crime to try her hand at a quilt one day. They made her promise to send pictures to them when she does.

You know there is nothing better than a product you love -- except when that product comes from a place full of friendly people with a social conscious.     If any of you end up in the area I highly recommend calling for a tour.

Now I'm just hoping they put on another retreat. I missed the last one because it filled up too fast!


  1. How cool! I'm so jealous! :o) Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

  2. How fun!! Lucky girls. I just got a GO Baby - still trying to figure out if I'm a fan. I love me a scrappy quilt, so this little thing does come in super-handy for turning shreds into usable pieces.

  3. Sounds like a fun time! If you make it here anytime soon, I'd love to see you!