Sunday, January 18, 2009

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Kylie over at Bus Driver tagged me with a picture post. Find the 4th picture in your 4th folder and post.

This is at a Temple in Foshan, China. Our youngest daughter is from Foshan/Nanhai. This is one of the pictures I intend to scrapbook one day when I work on her China Album. At least that is the plan.

Foshan is located in the northern part of the Pearl River, about 12 miles from Guangzhou(Canton), Guangdong Province. Foshan is made up of five districts: Chancheng, Shunde, San-shui, Nanhai and Gaoming Districts. The population is about 5.4 million - with about 1.1 million in the city center itself.

Foshan is a vital part of an active economic zone comprising of Guangzhou in the east, and Hong Kong and Macau in the south. There are miles and miles of factories...along with farming, big cities and little villages all in the same area. You have to see it to wrap your mind around all of it.

Foshan has a history dating back to approximately 5,000 years. It gained its name from the three Buddha statues unearthed in this area in the Tang Dynasty (618-907). Having a temperate climate with abundant rainfall, it has been a land of fish and rice. Besides fishing and farming, the local craftsmen were also known for their skills in making ceramics.

Thriving handicraft industries, commerce, and the arts made Foshan one of the four most famous towns in Tang and Song (960-1279) dynasties. Foshan has a reputation as the home of Chinese ceramic arts, Cantonese operas and martial arts.

Foshan is a modern city. It was one of the earliest ports to engage in foreign trade since China's open door policy. Foshan has become the third largest city in Guangdong Province, combining its manufacturing industries with tourism. In recent years, Foshan has committed its resources to further expand its vibrant tourism industry.

The top attractions in Foshan are many. Highlights include Xiqiao Mountain and the Foshan Zumiao (Ancestral) Temple.


  1. Great photos! Mine would be something like a blade of grass. Yours are truly interesting.

  2. Interesting to read about - loved the pics! Your blog looks GREAT!!! Love it.

  3. those pictures are awesome! thanks for sharing all the info! I feel smarter :)