Friday, January 16, 2009

Autumns Asks: Have you ever been proud of yourself for completing something?

LOL! Well, I hope so!!!

Today I am self satisfied and smug because I started a sewing project and finished it all in one day. (See, I'm admitting to not being humble so will probably get a smack-down pretty quick - but I know I deserve it.)

Okay! Okay!

It was basically 8 straight lines and a hem. (Although I did have to square the material as it was really jacked-up.)

Even a pre-beginner could have done it. No funky curves or clipping corners. No zippers or buttons.

Behold...Songbirds sewing machine cover. My first project of the year. Her machine did not come with a cover of any kind. So I took her to the store and let her pick out fabric and there you have it. Pattern free from the internet.

Can I admit that I hate houndstooth or anything that resembles it? Don't tell Songbird. My eyes cross just looking at this thing. But hey, at least I got the pattern straight! I can't always say that you know!

Next project? A Monk's bag for my Monday Morning stuff. I'm tired of transferring Sunday morning stuff, then Wednesday evening small group stuff and Monday Morning stuff all in the same bag. Why do I even tell you this? Accountability. I'm hoping if I say it out loud here I will actually do it.


Or not.

My track record is really not very good.


  1. Great job! Hey, by the way, I love your new header and background! It looks great! Can't wait to see you mon. There sure is alot of homework this time!

  2. i LOVE the new look. it may be an old look by now b/c i haven't kept up with my blog reading. but i love it anyway!