Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Autumn Asks: Do you know any of those Fashionable Mom's?

A little bit the black hole that has been the last 5 months, I read a post at one of my favorite blogs, Suburb Sanity, on Fashionable Moms. Actually, it was about a Motrin campaign and how they called baby wearing fashionable and the big public uproar and such. But it got me thinking about my perception of Fashionable Moms.

I am not a fashionable mom. To me, a fashionable mom is... well, fashionable. She wears nice looking outfits (and usually has more shoes than I have freckles). She knows how to put colors together (does not share my color blind gene) and has cool jewelry or a cute scarf or just that special something that just looks fabulous. Her hair is not only clean and combed...but actually styled.

Then there's me. Jeans. The staple of my wardrobe. A sweat shirt or a t-shirt. Almost always clean but probably not the best fit - tending towards overlarge or baggy. Tennis shoes. Hair - combed when I stepped out of the shower and then forgotten. Some days that gives me quite a shock when I pass a mirror. Then I will do another comb through to make it a little better...hopefully.

Up until now, my dealings with fashionable moms have been dismal. I'd volunteer at the school and when a party would come up (in the lower grades only I found) the fashionable moms would volunteer in droves to be a part of the fun. So here we are all thrown together.

Then, I would become "that mom". No, not the slouch....

The mom that bakes and brings in crafty crafts. That person that just does too much.

Are you kidding me?

I'm looking at the beautiful people and am amazed that I am the one getting roasted as the "over achiever". Their draw-in eyebrows are drawn down low on their faces. Their manicured nails are drumming on the tables or kid desks. Their tight gym bodies are upright with indignation. The beautiful lipstick is all puckered up.

They have all this and they are going to begrudge me a few cupcakes and glue sticks????? They honestly would use me as a yardstick (for cooking and crafts) and decide I was unreasonable and needed to change.

So...I've had a very bad attitude about Fashionable Mom's for quite a few years when you consider this started with my first child...and he is now in college.

2008 was the year that I was taught a new lesson. You see I needed to work on being unforgiving and judgmental toward Fashionable Moms. I needed a new perspective. And God has worked big.

I now find myself friends with a rather large number of fashionable moms. I mean great clothes, great style, great size, great kids, great talents....and great personalities. Humble, God loving, pee-your-pants funny, best friend material.

I'm still the slouch. But maybe that is improving just a little. Like the cool shoes I found when I was shopping for my funeral clothes. Not that I've worn them other than for the original purpose...but I think I'll be able to talk myself into it pretty soon. When its warmer. Maybe.

So, here is to Fashionable Moms. And to my special are all much more beautiful on the inside than on the outside. And that's saying alot.


  1. First, aren't you sweet to remember my post and link back to me! Thanks.
    Second, this was very well written. It is so easy to judge each other based on just a few things that we see. I do it each and every day. And I need to stop. Having said that, I am not really friends with any super fashionable moms. And I am sure not fashionable. But, if you can bridge the divide, maybe there is hope for all of us.

  2. Oh, I know 'em, but ain't one of 'em!

    (I put my English degree to good use in that sentence, don't you agree? :)

  3. I think when someone looks just perfect on the outside they're usually human on the inside...maybe even more so than the "real" looking people. I heard once at a Bible study that beautiful women often have very few friends...and often need more encouragement than others do.

    Great post! I'm going to come back and read again!

  4. I struggle with wanting to be fashionable, but not knowing how, and then wondering if I actually really care! :)