Thursday, January 8, 2009

Autumn asks: Why do girls love tutu's....and what's up with the meatballs???

Okay...this is sort of timely, considering yesterday's post was on fashionable mom's.

Today...lets talk about kids. Now, most mom's REALLY want their kids to look great. Of course we do. As a matter of fact, when they were little, my kids always looked smashing. Part of that is due to grandma's sewing too, so it was unique and smashing. Good stuff. Even sloppy mom's like their kids to look great.

When my son was young I had him fashionable all the time. And this carried on for many, many years. Because let's face it...this boy could care less WHAT he's wearing...just get it on him or out for him so he can GET OUTSIDE. And the kid could stay outside for 7 hours, in Texas and Florida summers and never get tired (well, unless you are trying to get him to walk from the car into a store...then his legs were KILLIN' him!!???).

Along comes Songbird. She is dressed to the nines until about 3. She's a girl. At 2 she decided she needed to be in charge of her own wardrobe and make her own style decisions. Well, I'm okay with that. But I really had no idea she was Punky Brewster reincarnate. No kidding. She can come up with the most shocking combinations. Other mom's are horrified. I have one poor friend that said more than once..."Do you know what she is wearing?" and "You're ok with that??"

Yes. I'm a sloppy mom and don't want people telling me what to wear, so why would I tell her what to wear?? But we do have two basic rules: It must be 1. clean and 2. it must cover all strategic body parts that daddies want covered - no wiggle room. So, if she's clean and covered, she's legal.

Now we have Mighty Mouse. And up until very recently she was a fashion joy. She already dictates her wardrobe and has wonderful taste. But it wasn't until it got cold recently that I could get her to wear anything but a dress. Not convenient for playgrounds and other physical stuff...but she would have it no other way. Try to put her in pants and she would start screaming about how she in NOT a boy. Huh? So what is mom and sissy? We wear pants all the time.

Anyways. MM has a new favorite. A pair of tights. A tutu. A Dora pajama top. All topped with a scarf tied around her waist for a belt (missing from the photo).

Now this kid was stylin' this morning. I went to the gym and she was dressed in the best looking brown dress with hearts and some classy "The Children's Place" hose that went with the dress. Looked real good. As soon as we got all hit the floor and she dug through her tights drawer and her dress-up box and her pj drawer and out she comes. And she's been doing this for 2 months. (If it was in the budget I'd put her in dance class so fast.)

The bad news is that I don't think it meets any of the rules. It's not clean...because she is doing this daily after she's been dressed a bit. A see-through tutu and a pair of tights is really not all that covered. Not to mention the too-small pj top...which doesn't actually qualify as clothes even.

This one is going to give me a serious run for my money.

So, if that isn't enough to make my days crazy, lets talk about MM and meatballs. NO, she is not eating them. The kid doesn't eat meat. For some reason though, meatballs are always on her mind.

New Years day I made Nori Rolls (veggie sushi). She took one look at them and dubbed them "Meatball eyes". Okay then.

But my all time favorite would be our conversation AT CHURCH yesterday. She decides to pat me on the And then she asks, "WHAT are those??" I replied that they are one of my body parts - this is not the time for a discussion on boobs. At this point she looks up and me, pats me again...and tells me she thinks those are meatballs in there.

OK. So, I know I've gained holiday poundage...but that was really rather insulting. Hubs thought it was really, really funny. After all, there was also the time she was showering with me recently and looked at my chest and said "I DON'T WANT THOSE!!!" At which point I told her not to worry, Asians don't get them. Thank goodness she's too little to remember that return jab later on!!

And so that is the story about how my life is currently all about tutu's and meatballs.

I thought the teenaged child was supposed to be me hard one.


  1. That is hilarious! All of it! She looks beautiful!

    And thank you for the comment on my blog. I'm glad all the 100 year old books are safe but I'm sure sad about etsy :)

  2. My kids have gone through phases of wearing only tutus, only yellow rain boots (every day all year), loin clothes (yes you read that correctly) and various other fashion atrocities. We just don't worry about that sort of thing around here.

  3. Bee is the same way. As soon as she gets home from school, she strips down and changes into whatever outfit is her favorite at the moment. Right now it's a leopard print skirt, the top from last year's Halloween costume (she likes it because it has a side sash) and a pair of knee-high boots with pom-pom laces.

    Whatever. Like you, I don't worry as long as she's clean, and all, er...private areas are well covered.

  4. I only have boys (one in highschool, one in college) but when they were little they never really cared what they wore.

    We have pictures of some very strange outfits. Hey, I was just happy that they were dressing themselves, lol!

    I am not so "fashionable" either, btw! I am sorry to hear about you dad. I lost mine a year ago and I still miss him very much.

    Yes, I did hear about the library emails. I'm to embarrassed to tell you that sometimes I just ignore them....

  5. This cracked me up! I love your two requirements for what your children can wear.