Sunday, June 2, 2013

Two Down....One to Go

I don't know why we all think this photo is so funny. Didn't you know we own a bioic dog? LOL!

Today is Songbird's 18th birthday. Any other time I would make this a picture heavy tribute to my middle child. But the photo album? Somewhere in the state of Ohio.

So no pictures.

It's hard to believe Songbird is now all grown up. Graduating a year early has helped me transition to this fact over this last school year. In September she will start college. She was sort of forced to take a year off from school with all the jobless time and moving and transition time. None of us are actually complaining about this.

Songbird was the cutest little thing with big brown eyes and unruly curly hair. As a child she was not easy to parent until she was about 10 years old. She was stubborn and always wanted things her way. But then she matured and became a joy instead of a constant parenting chore. LOL! (Persistence moms! It does pay off!)

As a teen she worked hard in school and on her extracurricular activities. She was never in trouble but didn't tend to pick the best of friends very carefully. She lived. She got hurt. She learned.

As a young adult the girl is funny with just the right amount of sarcasm (but still doesn't understand how wasted that is on a certain 9 year old). She works hard for her employers and is the one that gets called to see if she wants to pick up extra shifts. They give her glowing references and tell her if she comes back to an area to come back to work with them.

The world is her oyster. Its going to be fun to see where this one ends up and what she makes of herself.

So, for us as parents, that's two to go. We managed to get two to adulthood.

And it hasn't killed us yet.

But this last one?

It remains to be seen.

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