Friday, June 28, 2013

Autumn Takes A Break

To the beach. Yes, that is twice in like three months. It's a good year.

There is nothing better than a Pony weekend. This summer's birthday girls requested a beach trip since the lake house is no longer available.

On top of that I had other family coming to Texas and wanting to visit the day we returned. So I had to get creative and come up with something other than them coming here as I don't even have room for four more people to sit.

I took the girls and dogs to their grandma in Fort Worth. Then I drove back here so I could ride to Gulf Shores with my friends. A 13 hour ride.... Which was a blast.

The weekend was spent on the beach. Like 10am to 2 am. Both days. And til 2 the first night also. Have I mentioned what hard core sun worshippers my friends are?

Unfortunately I wasn't well most of the time and was napping in the air conditioning until the sun was ready to go down.

No worries. Night time was beautiful and it was the weekend of the super moon.

All too soon it was time to go home. Since I had another two hour drive after getting back to town I was lucky to find two other moms in a hurry to get home. So we were up and gone at 6:00am and home before the other car even hit Texas.

But we didn't rub it in or anything. And yes we did make it in 11 hours instead of 13.

After that I headed back to Ft worth to pick up the girls and meet other family in Arlington.

We surprised the littles with a trip to Six Flags. Mouse loves her cousin Sweetheart. I'm not sure which of the two surprises Mouse loved more- her cousin or the park.

Of course it is not allowed for us to spend any time with family that other people don't cause drama and cast a nasty pall over our time. So in the end the only thing that made the trip worth how I killed myself to make it happen was the joy of the cousins in each other. That's all they know and will remember so its all good.

Now we are back to the tin can. Everyone is worn out in a good way.

It was a great break!

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