Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Windows in Wide Open Fields

The last of the wedding quilts has now been delivered. Wishing I could start something new but there is just no way in the trailer. I can hardly fit a computer on the table. A sewing machine is out of the question with our limited resources.
My nephew and his lady finally tied the knot last weekend. Of course we have claimed her as family for years, but now its official. All I can say is....what was she thinking????? LOL! Just kidding!

Their quilt is another Pinterest find. T had commented on it after I pinned it so I decided to go ahead and make it from them. The original can be found here at a blog called juicy bits. The creator saw some buildings in a field and created it from that visual.

My version is a little different as there are no instructions on how she did it so I had to make it up as I went along. I was short on my yardage guessing and made a cutting mistake so I ended up with six "buildings" instead of five. I like the odd number better but it still turned out well.

I don't have the skill and did not have the time to play with the quilting so I did wiggly lines through the blues and then what I am calling crop rows through the green. The orange windows I left unquilted so they would stand out a little more.
It is probably the largest quilt I have done so far. Was really loving my new machine with the wider throat to work with. This is on a king size bed.

For the back I found a cool cityscape fabric and used up some of the extra front fabric to insure I had enough coverage.
A look at the quilting. Nothing fancy here. Quick was the name of the game.
I used orange for the binding as it was what I had the most left over of. It also brought out the orange in the backing fabric.

And that is the last of my quilts until we finally have a home for our own. I have a whole list of people I want to make for so I need to get busy. Too many ideals in my head...I need to create them and free up some space up there.

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