Thursday, May 30, 2013

It Was A God Thing

I know I haven't said much about the house hunt. We are under contract.... Again.

Our search for our first non-military home has been rather disappointing. Maybe we are putting too much significance on this house. Maybe.

We can actually afford a nice home at this point. Even nicer than what we are willing to spend -- some habits die hard. So we picked an amount that was rather reasonable and still it was twice what we ever did before.

At this price we expect certain things. Plus we have a list of desires like a place to keep the RV, an office for both of us, a decent sized kitchen, not in certain school districts, etc.

I contacted an agent on a property on our first trip into town to look. She set up several things. During that trip it turned out we were going to be in a day earlier. I tried in vain to get the agent to take us out that Sunday. Maybe she doesn't work Sundays. I don't know.

So I turned to the Internet in the car that Sunday morning on our way into town. I found the first place I wanted to see (not on the other realtors list to show us) and contacted the listing agent. Again - early Sunday morning. Within 45 minutes we were not only set up to see that house but others as well. Score.

So we worked with him Sunday and then her on Monday and Tuesday. And after working with her days we would turn around and work with him nights.

We ended up offering on one of her houses. The owner decided to pull it off the market. We had another of hers we were going to offer on - it was in foreclosure and we didn't have time to get it before it went on auction.

We returned to Arkansas a little defeated.

During the remainder of our time in Arkansas they were supposed to be sending us potential properties. Only he did. Tell me that didn't make our decision on who to keep working with.

So it is with him that we end up finding the perfect place. Unfortunately the seller is in a bad financial place. We walked away.

But after seeing everything in our area we found no alternative....until we started looking 40-50k above what we want to spend. So we are back and under contract with the one we walked away from.

This means nothing yet. We are concerned about the inspections as the seller is in no position to fix anything major they might find.
Plus with all the work it needs (lots and lots of little things) we are concerned it might not meet the contract price on appraisal. They had it appraised and it was more than the contact - but that doesn't mean my lender will agree.

We are literally walking on eggshells waiting. It's awful.

My only comfort is that I feel like we were taken out of the first realtors hands and directed to the second by God. No explanations beyond that's what we believe. So I'm hoping that means this is the house we are meant to buy. This is our home.

Monday we have three inspections set up as we want everything checked so we can walk away or go in with eyes wide open. It will have cost is a very pretty penny already if this doesn't work out.

Closing date is set at June 27. I'm not going to say much about the place until it looks like its really going to happen.

I will say all four of us love it and want to live there. I can see myself living out the rest of my days there. It feels like home should feel. (A rather big statement from someone who has never lived anywhere longer than 7 years. )

So wish us luck, send prayers our way, send out positive energy - whatever it is you have to share.

And I hope I don't have to cry on your shoulders after Mondays inspections.

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  1. Love all the trailer stories. Fun times! I can't wait to hear how the house thing turns out. I can totally feel you - my record is 3 years in one place. And that was from 5-8! (and again 23-26, but that doesn't make the story quite as fun) Blessings!