Sunday, February 24, 2013

Thinking Day Pinterest Project #23

I was lucky enough to find a Girl Scout troop here in Arkansas that would allow Mouse to join even though we are only staying until June.

Girl Scouts has been a constant for Mouse and has been instrumental in bringing her out of her shell and helping her overcome her fears of me leaving her with others and being away from home. I cannot say enough good things.

Anyways, Saturday was Thinking Day and Mouse's new troop was hosting a booth on Japan at the event in Hot Springs.

The girls did an information board and had many examples of things from Japan. For their fun thing to share they decided to make "Candy Sushi".

I volunteered to help out with this as I had seen recipes on Pinterest and I do my own nori rolls at how hard could it be?

Candy Sushi
This was the first Pinterest photo that caught my attention. It is from the Savy Mom Ca site. She used a little more variety than I had available to me up in the mountains. So I found two other blogs to help me out.

I love the Swedish Fish. This one is from Planet of the Apels. Unfortunately I did not have a muffin pan to work with...only a cookie sheet or pizza pan.
Finished Sushi
Finally I found some really good instructions at Makin'Messes.

Putting all those together I managed to make two batches of the roll sushi and form my own version of the fish sushi.
These were the easiest to do. Its actually the ends of the other rolls that were too short to do another full roll. I just sort of shaped them oblong and slapped a fish and piece of fruit roll up on them.

The rolls turned out pretty cool also - and they were surprisingly easy to make. I don't think we came away from the event with a single one left over....although many of our girls ate as many as three.
Mouse told me no less than three times what a fun time she had. If you know her well you know how out of character that is. She will normally not give you the satisfaction of letting you know something was fun.  (Thanks again Girl Scouts!)

So - if you are interested in the candy sushi, I'd so go for it. It is not hard to make at all. Warning! It is crazy sweet with all that junk!!

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