Saturday, February 9, 2013

Top Of The Moor

First quilt of 2013 is finished. Again it is mostly scraps left over from the group of purple quilts I made. I did buy the border/backing/binding fabric. It is a batik with a filigree type modern heart pattern...which seemed perfect for a wedding quilt. 

I have actually worked on these half square triangles off and on for over a year. It was too boring to sit down and do them all at once, lol! So the quilt sort of made itself up as I went along.

I believe this is only the second time I have used one fabric for the backing. Usually I use up my scraps instead of spending that much on the back piece.

The center is a pillow panel that I built the half square triangles around. I got this idea from another site I follow. She set her panel on point. I could not figure out how to do it so I gave up and just used it squared instead.

As you can see, I just free motion quilted around the design on the panel. The back side looks pretty neat. I used a verigated purple thread to tie in all the different purples.

 I followed the half squares and using a walking foot went diagonally through the squares for that quilting. I was going to do more of an all over pattern but I ran out of time due to an unexpect trip that allowed me to take this and deliver it so I wouldn't have to mail it. 

 Around the border I just used the walking foot again and ran some straight lines around it about 2 inches apart. That seemed to work best with the diaganol lines through the squares. Plus I had run out of time by this point so it had to be very quick.

Because I love the original idea I got this from I am going to share:
Charming Triangles Quilt Top
This is from Red Pepper Quilts and here is the link to the page that tells all about it. If you are a quilter and want to be inspired be sure to go check out her site. She is amazing.

Maybe I will try this again some day and try to figure out the on point instructions. But next time I will use larger half square triangles. These little ones took FOREVER! I am very much over that!!! lol


  1. This is one of the prettiest quilts you have made yet! I love it.