Monday, March 4, 2013

Mouses Dream Comes True

Mouse had a dream. One she talked about ALL. THE. TIME. So much so that it became banned in our house on threat of no more presents ever in her lifetime.  l

It was bad.

And as jobless people it was also a dream out of reach.

See, Mouse just had to have an American Girl Doll. Of course this didn't happen until after we were jobless. There was no way a doll over $100 was in any of our cards for over a year.

But things are a little better now. And Mouse has a birthday coming up.

And we had to take a quick trip to Dallas.

Of course it was a secret that I was going to take her to pick out her birthday gift. But she is too smart. As soon as I told her we were going to Dallas for the weekend, she informed me that they had an American Girl store in Dallas.

So I still had to listen to endless conversation on what she could do to earn a trip there.
And she was besides herself when we went. It was really fun to watch her.

So I have a very happy little girl. I still can't believe I spent that much on a doll. Apparently the $40 knockoff she got for Christmas just wasn't cutting it. LOL!

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  1. I keep toying with that idea too but my duaghters only 5 I think well wait a few years. Go Mouse!