Monday, February 4, 2013

Please Help Us Locate Joseph Or Pray Him Home!

I have a friend with an urgent need for prayer and help! Please read!

Please Share This With All You Know...My Son Is Missing

Joseph Rummerfield Missing 1/17/13 from Tulare, California
This is a picture of my son Joseph Rummerfield who is homeless. Joseph has lived between Tulare and Visalia, California since he was a child.  Everyone from local residents to police officers know Joseph.

Joseph is mentally ill, he is harmless and very gullible and sadly he allowed a man to talk him into going with him to see an attorney about getting  disability on 1/16/2013.

He was last seen with this man on 1/17/2013 in Bakersfield in a tan RV  possibly an older Winnebago as it had a large W on the side.  The man he was with was very angry with him, is older in his 60's and missing a leg and he has a dog of some sort.

Joseph has a black lab named Hunter and he doesn't leave Hunter but rarely and when he does he always checks on him.   He left Hunter with a friend on 1/16 and has not been back to get his beloved pet or called to check on him.

Something is wrong!  His aunts, uncles and cousins have all been looking for him and even his homeless friends are worried.  I have no idea why this wasn't reported earlier, but there is a missing persons report with Tulare, California PD.

Joseph is a creature of habit, he doesn't leave the area unless led to believe someone can help him.  This is my son, please help me.

If you live in Tulare, Visalia, Porterville, Farmersville, Oildale or anywhere near these communities please get the picture around. When you see a homeless person holding a sign look closely if it is Joseph tell him his aunt Sandy, Aunt Emma and mom are all worried and to call home.

If he is with the man with 1 leg, please call 911 and let them know you have located a missing person.

Please pass this out to everyone you know!

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