Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Pinterest Move or Pinterest Projects 11-17

I can't speak for others, but I do get use out of my pinterest boards. Most of it is practical like things for camping or stuff to sooth sore throats.

This time I got to try out pins that had to do with cleaning and such for the move. Anyone that has dealt with military housing knows that the cleaning you are required to do is no joke. And if you don't get it right, you PAY. And they can charge you and still make you clean more.

We got out without any charges or complaints. We always have. Hazard of growing up a military brat was learning at an early age how to get this done. LOL.

During the week we had to get the house ready I tried several pinterest things I want to share. Some worked, some didn't.

So here goes:

Put your phone in a glass to make the music loud enough to fill the room.. does this really work?
Yes you can really put your iphone/ipod into a glass to aplify the sound for the entire room. Once our belongings were gone and we had to spend a couple of days cleaning an empty house, I used this trick in the rooms I was in. I used a coffee/tea cup that I keep with me when I travel instead of glass and it worked just fine. I have heard of others using Solo cups even.

One of the things we come across is carpet dents, those little divots left behind by furniture legs, an easy fix for this is to place an ice-cube in the divots, let it melt on its own, and gently lift the carpet fibers with a spoon (or a coin in a pinch).
The ice cube on the crushed carpet from heavy furniture trick. Yes and yes. Worked like a charm. Some spots needed this more than once for the super heavy furniture. Wish I had known this trick years ago!  Really helped when we cleaned the carpet ourselves instead of paying someone.

How To Clean a Ceiling Fan with a Pillowcase - So useful!  Slide a pillow case over each blade and wipe them clean. The dust goes in the pillow case and can be repeated until all blades are clean. When you're done, take it outside and shake it to set those dust bunnies free once more!
Slide a pillowcase over the fan blades and pull off inside out to capture all the dirt. Works. Like a charm. Why did I not know this trick? So easy.  It helps that we have a couple of cases in our rag bin to do this with.
How to Clean a Bathroom Exhaust Fan - they are a very common cause of fires
This was a favorite. The fan in our master bath was really bad and it was really hard to clean. One can of canned air fixed the problem. You turn on the fan so it sucks up the dust and blast it. LOVED this. The amount of time it saved me was worth money!
How to clean oven glass.
How to clean oven glass. This used a baking soda and water paste. I'd say it worked pretty good but wasn't perfect. Worth doing to avoid the chemical route.** Part of the problem ended up being brown junk INSIDE the window that I thought was in the oven. Military housing. Enough said.
Erase hard water stains with a lemon and other tips to naturally clean your bathroom
The lemon on the water stained fixtures trick. I'm calling this one a fail even though that might not be correct. First, its not clean if you have lemon juice on it. Pulp is messy to shiny up after wards. Also, I still had stains. To be fair I must admit that I don't actually know if it is stains or etching of the fixture as we inherted it looking like that. Its possible that it is just etched and cannot be fixed. And it was only the master bath shower fixture that didn't come clean. I still didn't like rubbing the lemon juice and bits up.
The best oven cleaner! Cover bottom of oven with baking soda, then pour vinegar so it's all wet. Let sit around 20 minutes or so then wipe all of it out with damp cloth or sponge.  Leave oven door open.  After drying you may see some white residue, wipe again.
Baking soda and vinegar for the bottom of the oven cleaning. Works great. Now need to find something for the TOP of the oven.

And there you have it.  Six more pins put to the test. 

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