Thursday, December 13, 2012

That's What You Do At Grandma's

Being homeless has a few advantages. Since we are in a new area and have no roots or ties to the community, this is a very very laid back Holiday Season.

Not that I am one to overschedule my holidays....its one of those important things to me that my kids don't associate the holidays with a mom that runs herself ragged and is all stressed with an over-booked schedule. Its family and fun -- not obilgations and parties for me.

But still. We have nothing this year and that feels a bit strange. We did drop in on a cousins holiday party for a few minutes. It was great to see them. They took the girls out to see the horses and fed us and it was just real nice to be with family.

Yesterday we had to get out of the rental as a realtor was showing it. So where do you go with two dogs and not a dog park in the entire area?  To grandma's, that's where.  (You have to understand that I am not one to take my dog's to someone's house...especially when they don't have animals themselves.)

And that spur of the moment play date resulted in the whole day playing outside. Mom lives in the woods and one thing she loves to do is make wreaths for the windows out of live evergreens from the forest.

So we grabbed the dogs and went for a walk with our gloves and clippers. I also had the firewood carries I made from pinterest in the trailer so I passed those out. We came back with our pines and cedar and set up shop in the garage. It was nice enough to work outside all day. Love that.
Mom showed me how to do the wreaths as I am not this kind of crafty. But I did remember a cool wreath (on pinterest of course) so I sort of winged it and tried to do what I remembered. Turned out nice. I like a more airy wreath instead of the thick kind mom was making. Then she decided she liked it airy better too and redid hers.
And 5 wreaths later we had all of them hung in the windows of the house.

And that is the danger of living close to my mom. LOL. She always has a project going on and I never know what I will end up in the middle of.  Which isn't actually a complaint, I learn alot. (I also sneezed alot this time because I'm allergic to cedar!)

And one project always leads to another so we ended up setting up some outdoor furniture for when the rest of the family arrives. Plus I trimmed the bushes in front of the house as one of the windows was covered and over-grown.

All that because I needed to leave the rental for an hour.

Its going to be a fun few months!

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