Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Because No Frymark Move Goes Smooth

We made it to mom's. And she had a roast waiting and it smelled great. Coming home. Is there anything better than going home to see MOM? Seriously!


Before the hour was up our plans were coming undone. Always at the last minute right? So I had to kick into high gear. Here it is  Saturday night and I needed to find a place to stay before Tuesday morning when we were supposed to leave. Sunday is out as everything is closed. So I have Monday. One day.

Luckily, anyone that know me knows that I become a "what do we do to fix it" Natzi. And some calls were made to contacts, friends and relatives so we were ready with names and places come Monday morning.

Mom invited us to just stay with her, but I have an 8 year old and a 17 year old ( who had just been RIPPED away from a job and a boyfriend -- need I say more?) sleeping on the floor in the office.  Plus the two dogs.  This is not a dog house. No fence. No grass even. The house is in the woods.

I wanted to stay close to Mom so I was only looking in the Village. This means I was not going to end up with a fence no matter what. The rules here are extreme.

So here I am with two kids that really need to be separated and two dogs. The two dogs were an issue in a rental. And I only wanted it month by month because we have no idea how long before we can get a location figured out, etc.

Luckily this is a vacation area and it is NOT vacation season. So we started looking at places that would take a long term (30 day) lease. There were about 127 possibilities.  Throw in the 2 dogs. Now there are about 7.  Right.

To make a long story short, in the end just before we settled for a run down and bug infested two bedroom with a reasonable rent, an owner that is trying to sell also came forward with a great offer on a three bedroom. So we are ending up in a place for a little over $500 LESS than I was paying in Ohio.  That's bills and everything. One way or the other we are better off than if we had stayed in Ohio. Because I'm telling you, I was kicking myself for leaving the home we had and all our belongings and ending up in this situation in the 11th hour. It sucked.

We are quite happy with the decision with the exception of two major things.....the drive for Hubs every rotation (about 13 hours) and no fence for the dogs. Otherwise it is a beautiful home and we will be staying here close to mom until March 1. (Unless the house sells because the way I got this place is by saying if they gave me a rock bottom rate I would let them out of the lease if there was someone that wanted to buy the place.)

So our adventure changes. As usual. And now the girls and I are hanging out in a vacation home (well, starting Dec. 1) for a few months.  Love the fact that when we are done I don't have to clean the place. LOL. That's what the cleaning fee is for. (Happy!)

So things should level out a bit....as long as nothing goes wrong with training for Hubs. Not that we expect that, but with the slaps we have taken the last 12 months I would not be shocked to be sucker punched again. Just sayin.

And now begins the getting address changes in, getting into the new place, prepping for Christmas (I brought my quilting stuff with me!) and getting back into a homeschool schedule.

It feels good.


  1. So glad you have that taken care of, it always feels good when you can finally breathe right?