Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Camping Year Begins

I grew up camping. My father was one of those crazy "Bass Fishermen".  There were tournaments a couple of times a month....and we went.  We saw some pretty cool parts of the state (Arizona) and even visited the Grand Canyon once...but I really don't remember much of that.
I remember camping got REALLY fun once dad bought an RV.  LOL. Who doesn't want air conditioning and a bathroom???

Hubs and I haven't really camped together much...unless it was scout related.  As an adult most of my camping is a direct result of Girl Scouts.  And we have a blast.  And just to add...a much SAFER blast than my son had as a Boy Scout.  His stories give me chills.  Boys like fire.  And bug spray makes a great flame thrower.  I could go on.

Anyways.  Camping here in Ohio is fantastic.  Nebraska was great also -- but there are so many free programs in this state that it even beats Nebraska.  The weather doesn't get as hot as Texas/Arizona/New Mexico and there are no fire ants.  That last part cannot be over stated.  But I do have to give kudo's to one camping trip in Texas because I discovered soap that I now order for bugs and other good smelling stuff that does not bother my skin! 

In our very very active scout troop, there is alot of camping.  I want to say I went like 7 times last year.

And they begin in May.

And let me tell you, last week was still frosting in the mornings.  I was getting very very nervous.  I can take the rain....just don't give me the cold.

But this week is actually hot and the mornings are in the 50's so I'm feeling a little better about this! Plus its an older girls trip so Mouse will be staying home and I don't have to worry about her.  We are doing "tree house camping".  Not sure exactly what that means but that's what the girls wanted so I'm going along.

One thing I did find last year is that my beloved enamel ware cups heat up too fast.  Mouse ended up with burned fingers a few times trying to carry her hot cocoa.  I am not willing to give up the enamel ware as it is safer (health wise) than plastic, doesn't break like ceramic and are pretty much tough as nails. Easy to throw in a dunk bag with everything else and hand off a line to drip dry.

So what did I figure out for this year......

  I found a free tutorial online on how to custom make a cozie for a cup with a handle.  It was written for those great coffee travel cups but the directions tell you how to custom fit so I knew it would work.  I found this tutorial at Polka Dot Cottage.

So yesterday I sat down and dug out some fabric scraps and made one of these cozies for each of our enamelware cups.
I had some insulating batting to go in the middle left over from the coffee cup cozies I made my friends. The buttons were dug out of the button jar.  The elastics were stolen from the hair supply bin.  Did not have to purchase a single thing to make them.

You know, with the sleeping bag backpack and the water bottle carriers I think I've actually sewn more for camping than I have for my home? Hah. Kinda crazy.

So wish me luck. I'm off tomorrow with one other adult and 12 girls. We having a hiking trip planned through some of the caverns in the area also - we could really use some dry weather for that.  The menu the girls came up with is awesome....and since its Juniors and Caddettes we do NONE of the cooking or cleaning....we are just there to provide rides and opportunities.  LOVE IT!!!


  1. I love your mug cosys...what a great idea!

  2. Good luck tomorrow! And those cozies are adorable!

  3. Andreajohnson427May 15, 2011 at 5:01 PM

    I'm sending this to my friend {the one with the 2 adopted girls} b/c her husband camps A LOT! Great idea!

  4. Those mug cozies are so cool!

  5. I love the way your cozies came out! I'm glad they were able to protect sensitive hands from the heat :-) Thanks for linking to me, and for letting me know you tried the tutorial.