Tuesday, May 31, 2011

7 Amazing Things

Lots of bloggers are talking about their bucket lists right now. And what's funny is that I had just recently started one on paper just befor this took off again.  I find reading about what others want to do really interesting.


even more interesting is what people HAVE done. And that is exactly what Cassie over at This Journey Through Life wrote about last week.

So, what I'd really like to know is 7 Amazing things you have already done.  Tell me your great stories. Like, I have one friend that was a missionary in Africa.  And I know another that was a missionary in South America.  I have a great Aunt that helped deliver Bibles to countries in Asia.  Another great aunt puts on real plays and performances...she's like a director and is very talented.  My mother worked in a funeral home when she was very young doing the hair of the deceased....and it sounds like she did Juliette Gordon Lowes hair. I have a cousin that travels all over in search of great wines. This same cousin lived in Alaska and has some great snow stories.  My sister goes on great girls vacations with her buds to exciting places.

I love hearing about this stuff.....so pony-up!

And here is my top 7 Amazing Things:

1. Gone on trips over glaciers with a 4-wheel drive club while living in Iceland. Hit the rivers going fast and flew through. Slid into Glacier Bay and had to be pulled out.  Wow. The memories - and the Northern Lights.

2. Spent over two weeks in China for an amazing Adoption trip. What a friendly country. Can't wait to go back.

3. Took a helicopter ride over Iceland and was given a good look at the island by a Rescue Team.

4.  Stayed for a week in a castle in Germany when I was in 5th grade.  This was for German class and we had to go into stores and try to buy things using German and we ate foods I was unfamiliar with. I remember loving the long walks through the country side and HATING the coffee's they served us for breakfast (!!).

5. Camping in Holland for a week.  Talk about a blast.  And the Dutch boys would try to talk to us...but their English was pretty much related to current pop music and cuss words.

6.  A week long vacation in England with just the Hubs and I.  We got a book and rented a car and went to see many sites and castles and the cliffs of Dover.  I did miss London though as I came down super sick. I thought I was dying. Worst two days of my life.  But still one of the most amazing trips.

7.   An ultra cool girls weekend to a town somewhere in Texas where they have miles and miles of barns and places full of antiques. A whole weekend picking through history. And we stayed at the first Bed and Breakfast I have ever stayed at. I'd like to do that one again!

So go ahead and tell me what cool things you have done. As you can see I love to travel so mine are mostly about places I've gone.

And you?


  1. You 7 amazing things is well, amazing! I am soo glad your okay from falling into the glacier! But I am soo jealous that you got to see the Northern Lights. I want to see them so very badly! Looks like I need to start taking some vacations! :)

  2. Reading your list makes me feel boring!

  3. I'm gonna have to think on this one... hmmm....