Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Autumn Survives Her Daughters First Prom

I bought 3 dresses this year. Three.
First it was homecoming.
Then it was the military ball.
Prom was on the horizon.
And I did a stupid.
I stated that I WOULD NOT buy three dresses in one year.
Besides, prom is for Juniors and Seniors.
Which my child is not.
No worries.
Until I go to pick up the girl from practice.
And she gets into the car with an armful of roses.
And a crazy story....
Of a guy with a guitar...
and a song written especially for her....
to ask her to prom.
And I knew I was buying another dress.

I am so NOT your typical mom.  Of course not.  But then again I was so NOT the typical teenager either.  You couldn't get me to a dance with bribes even.  And there was no way I was going to burden my parents with the cost of a dress.  They are expensive. And on a military salary there wasn't much to go around. Besides. I just don't like dancing because I am no good at it.  And it required a dress. No way.

So how did this happen? How did I end up with the kid that gets asked to all the dances?  Is it some kind of cosmic karma/payback????  

I guess most moms would be thrilled to see their teenage daughter being asked to the dances. I watch the other parents get all excited and make a fun day of shopping for the perfect dress.  I give my daughter a price limit and cringe because I know we have just taken a chunk of our summer clothing allowance to pay for a dress she will only wear once.  You don't really think I could talk her into wearing one of the other dresses do you??? I did try. And as I pay for the pretty I think of all the summer clothes her sister needs...and I now cannot buy. 

And of course she wanted shoes. Which I wouldn't buy. Thank goodness for friends. Because I already bought shoes she could have used...but she didn't think they were the right color.  Whatever.

And then there was the mani/pedi.  Which I wouldn't pay for. So she saved her money and paid for it herself. 
Hey - I won't blow what little money I have on one for myself...think I'm going to do it for anyone else????

And nowadays? They have prom after parties at the schools.  At Songbirds school it lasts until 3am.  Hah. No.  The mean parents came out.  15 year olds have no business out until 3 am with a guy. Sorry. I don't care if they are just friends.  15 + 3 am = bad parenting. Now, if she was a senior it would be different.  

So while I am very glad that Songbird had a great time....I am more glad that it is over. And we managed to survive our first prom.  And on FB I saw a guy call "dibs" on taking her next year....and then get shot down when she told him someone else already beat him to it.

I think its time to start a dress fund....

Or the rest of us will be going naked the next two years.


  1. Oh fun fun! First prom. My Mom pretty much bought dresses non-stop with four girls. She has kept lots of them, which was lucky for me. I was scouring the "dress closet" just this weekend trying to find something for a military formal in a few weeks. Can't say I love any of them... but it's better then buying something new! (Like you, I'm really not much of a shopper- my sister's have to dress me!)
    Still, it sounds like songbird enjoyed herself, and is really making friends, so figuring out how to find cheap clothes for the rest of the summer, well, that will be a worthy challenge. Have anyone to yard sale with?

  2. You survived!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o)