Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sweat Shop!

If all has gone well I am currently out in the woods cabin camping with 20 Girl Scouts....including my two girls.

"Cabin" would be a very important word as its supposed to rain all weekend. Well, if it least it should provide some interesting blog fodder for Monday! Hah!

Thursday I spent the day at the sewing machine for this trip. Cause I didn't have enough to do you know? It's not like the camping equipment hasn't been used in almost three years....or that I have to climb up into the loft in the garage on a rickity ladder without a spotter. Joy.

Anyways, I decided everyone needed a sleeping bag carrier like mine..and mine needed a new strap...and while I was at it there was this cute water bottle carrier that looked real easy.

So Thursday =
Mom's sleeping bag holder with a second strap added. It doesn't match the first strap but the important part is that now I have two. It's really too big a bag for just about a design flaw. Also, my new water bottle holder in a lovely dark green left over material from a bag I made once.
Songbirds sleeping bag holder and matching water bottle holder. She's the one that cost me. But I dug around in my bins and found some crystal stars and a couple other patches to add to decorate some...that was free. Her fabric was on sale....but still. Oh, and the lovely rainbow straps weren't the cheap stuff either. Teenagers. Geesh.

Mighty Mouses bag came from the bargin bin and cost $2. I also found some patches of a teddy bear, some flowers and a heart for it in my sewing stuff.
And a ladybug remnant to round things out. This fabric was thin so I fused it to the same stuff her other bag was made of to make it stronger.

The water bottle holders came out great. And the were quick.

Both bags are bigger than I thought they would be and I am thinking about ripping the bottoms back off and shortening them. We will see after they use them this weekend.

Both of these patterns were free tutorials off the internet.

For the bottle holder go here.

And for the sleeping sack tutorial go here. I just added straps to mine so the girls could have their hands free to carry other stuff.


  1. Great ideas! As bad as I want both things to make life easier when we go camping or just when the girls need to carry their water bottles around, I don't see myself getting crafy anytime soon and trying them out. I keep thinking life will slow down and I can do these things, but no such luck yet. Enjoy your camping trip!

  2. have fun camping! sounds like a fun adventure; very clever with the bottle holder and sleeping sacks!


  3. on the up side, that rainbow strap looks excellent! good projects, hope your weekend went well :)

  4. I'm sorry, but that just sounds horrific - woods, camping, 20 Girl Scouts. Ugh. Love the water bottle carriers though.

  5. I'm sorry, but that just sounds horrific - woods, camping, 20 Girl Scouts. Ugh. Love the water bottle carriers though.