Monday, May 2, 2011

100 Random Things

Because I still have nothing worth sharing, I will once again shamelessly swipe a post from a blog I read. The victim this week is Heather from Want What You Have.

Heather - you are right. Lots of people get you. And just to show you how much I get you, I am going to bold all my answers that are the same as yours (read - I didn't even change them).

So, Heather decided to share 100 random facts about herself in the name of being open and forthcoming. Here is my very similar list:

1. I do not have a single prime time show I watch on tv.
2. I have never known what I want to be when I grow up.
3. I love amusement parks. I love roller coasters.
4. I hate putting away laundry.
5. I grew up in a very moral....yet not Christian household.
6. I'm double jointed.
7. I can burp louder than Olympic Champion burpers. The only person I know of that can out-do me is my teenage daughter. You go girl.
8. I've always been embarrassed about my teeth as they have been very yellow since I was a small child (supposedly high fevers). I thought maybe the new bleaching techniques were going to be the answer but I've been told they probably can't help me. Seriously??
9. I normally have very long nails. Its genetics. I don't do a thing except shape them.
10. I sleep more than the average person. Its allergy related but it can be embarrassing.
11. I used to swear all the time. I was particularly fond of the F-word. And being third generation military I've got some good ones. But after getting saved it sort of disappeared...except when I'm tired or overly stressed. Then it all comes back in the blink of an eye.
12. I have never broken a bone, and I still have my tonsils and appendix.
13. I love horror movies. Mostly bad B-rate monster movies that are totally unreal. I DO NOT like scary movies about the occult or supernatural stuff.
14. Zombies are my fav.
15. I'm honest and direct. Some people find this off-putting.
16. I make no apologies for it.
17. I cannot stand butt kissing. I could never work in any profession that required me to suck up to people.
18. I love, love, love "period" movies.
19. I hate reality television. But I do like Man vs. Food and Anthony Bourdain. Also that crazy exterminator guy.
20. I'm a speed reader.
21. I love the smell of rain.
22. I didn't keep baby books for my children.
23. The smell of cardboard boxes makes me sick. (Move much?)
24. With each of my pregnancies, I had mad cravings Sonic Cherry Limeades.
25. I used to hate my name. In junior high, I wanted to be called Elizabeth.
26. I like my name now.
27. My mother called me Audi when I was little.
28. My husband knows better than to call me this.
29. I don't think I spoke in public or to strangers until I was 17.
30. Once upon a time I was a cheerleader. I'm so not cut out for that.
31. I'm a really BAD dancer. But I'm an even worse singer.
32. I'm not athletic but I played varsity soccer.
33. I was the only girl on a boys soccer team as a senior when I moved to a place with no girls team. The next year they made sure they had a girls team as everyone wanted to know how I got on - and was shocked to hear that they couldn't deny me because of my sex. (I should have been a lawyer.)
34. I hate to exercise but loved it when we lived on the beach and I could take long walks.
35. I hate competition.
36. I'm not naturally organized. I have the ability to organize, but I have to really work at it, every day.
37. I'm not a go-getter. I'm actually kind of lazy, I think.
38. I'm easy to please. I don't need much to be happy.
39. In my marriage relationship, however, I'm high-maintenance. I expect my husband to make me his first priority, because he is mine.
40. I think that's how it should be.
41. I'm not a "joiner." I tend to cause problems when I do join. Not intentionally. My bull shi* meter is very sensitive and I call a spade a spade. Which has not endeared me to some of the big wig wives in military wives groups.
42. I think that Donald Trump is a complete jackass. I hope that he runs for president just so I can watch him get knocked down a few pegs.
43. I love to have something from all the places I've lived or traveled as visual reminders.
44. Because of this my 'house' is never really my stuff is.
45. I love having three children. I would have had another up to about a year ago but now I'm done.
46. My kids are spoiled.
47. There are very few Christian blogs I can tolerate....because the judgment and name calling/finger pointing are anything but Christian.
48. Same with some adoption related blogs.
49. I don't care about outward appearances, and I don't believe in putting on airs.
50. I seriously want to teach my children about serving others IN THEIR COMMUNITY...which is why I am big on Scouts.
51. If I really like a book or TV show, I can read/watch it over and over, a million times, and never get tired of it.
52. Where my diet is concerned, I must have lots of variety. I rarely make the same thing for dinner, twice in one month.
53. I am sarcastic way too often. Its my biggest personality trait I think. I have improved with age thankfully.
54. I was going to name my rock band Dead Red.
55. I hated school to the point that I refused college. What a shame.
56. I attract freaks and weirdos. But I now know how to detach and separate.
57. My husband is not a freak or weirdo. He is just challenging.
58. I'm a natural mimic. It's very easy for me to pick up accents.
59. I want to travel and travel and travel....hopefully Ireland is one of those stops.
60. I really like Colin Firth. One word - Nadine.
62. My husband is not good at accents. He sounds like his dad or grandma. Except for his terrorist voice and his French one. The kids love both.
63. I have a weakness for men in uniform. Especially older men.
64. I was never nominated for anything in school. Maybe because I was never in a school long enough to even make friends it seems.
65. I almost never win anything. Although all of a sudden I won an Accucut Go Cutter and a 42 inch tv.
66. I don't want to live to age 100.
67. I want to die before I get to the point where someone has to help me go to the bathroom.
68. I'm terrified of nursing homes. I never, ever want to be in one.
69. I'm quite independent. I don't like to rely on anyone, because I find that people are generally unreliable.
70. Losing my husband is my greatest fear. Whenever he drives away, I say a little prayer for God to keep him safe.

71. Losing one of my children is my other greatest fear.
72. I'm also scared of being injured or killed in a car accident.
73. Because of this I refuse to be involved in teaching my children to drive.
74. My favorite potato chip is baked Lays Barbeque
75. I love steak. With a baked potato and a big salad with Ranch dressing.
76. I love almost every vegetable imaginable.
77. Organ meats and shellfish totally disgust me. Shrimp is ok occasionally but only occasionally.
78. I hate fish.
79. I hate raw onions, and don't like it when my husband has them on a hamburger. No kisses.
80. Too much garlic gives me a stomachache.
81. I don't like my food to be very hot.
82. I don't like very cold drinks.
83. I am not a wishy-washy person.
84. I know nothing about Japanese anime.
85. I've never seen any of the Harry Potter movies, and I don't plan to.
86. I refuse to watch Real Housewives of anything, Jersey Shore, Mob Wives, or any other show of this ilk. This kind of programming makes me feel like the whole world is made up of vulgar, shallow idiots.
87. As much as I dislike these shows hubs hates them even more. Makes life easy.
88. I can't believe how much weight I've gained and that I can no longer drop weight at the drop of a hat.
89. Hubs isn't doing much better. But at least he tries to be fit and in shape.
90. I thought those commercials about drugs to make you have thicker eyelashes were stupid. And then I tried to wear mascara and realized I don't have half the lashes I used to....and those commercials are for ME!
91. I love my air conditioning....but I also like to camp so I'm ok without it in those situations.
92. I don't fit a political tag. In some ways I am very conservative. But then in some ways I am very liberal. There is no party or affiliation that I would claim or fit into.
93. I hate politics. I especially hate arguing about politics, and listening to people rant about politics. BUT I would rather see people engaged and caring about the issues than not even informed or caring about what is happening in our nation. Sticking your head in the sand should not be an option.
94. I'm a procrastinator of the worst kind.
95. I don't blog for anyone but myself. See, I'm easily amused....I amuse myself with my writing.
96. I giggle when I think of Heather stressing over her lack of comments on her post. I never miss a post but probably response one in ten times....and I think thats probably pretty normal.
97. I have an extensive vocabulary because I read so much. But I mispronounce most of those words and sound like the village idiot anyways. And I can't spell to save my life.
98. I LOVE reading.
99. I wish all women would support each other even when we take different stances. We are all women trying to get through this life with the tools we are given. And we are not given the same why should be try to do everything the same?
100. My motto in life is: Adapt, improvise and overcome.

And now I'm going to go leave a comment for Heather....cause she needs one.


  1. I DID need one! Sometimes I'm like, "HELLO? Is this thing on?"

    I think you and I are long lost twins. And what is this "Nadine" you mentioned? If it's a movie, I must head right out and get it (making the burr under G's saddle even more irritating).

    I'm glad that mine is one of the few Christian blogs you can tolerate :) Love you!

  2. Yay for getting to know you better! seems from reading your posts and reading heather's, I want to do one! Love it!! :)

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  4. Autumn, I'm a Heather reader, too, who also enjoyed your list...especially #99. Amen!