Tuesday, July 13, 2010

And Summer Just Keeps Flying By!!


Summer has been really busy this year! I think its partly the age differences of the girls and the different directions they are constantly going in.

July has already seen Girl Scout Camp for MM while big sister was off to church camp.

This week is VBS......the teen working it and the Mouse going and learning. Of course that means they have to be delivered at different times and keep me in the car and on the road. Ugh.

This weekend is a family camping trip with other GS families. Then the last weekend of the month is Adventure Camp. I think we are making up for the last 2 1/2 years with no camping. Which reminds me that I have to pull out all our gear and check it before this weekend.

Beginning of August brings a visit from friends. Then its mid August and time to gear back up for school.

So excuse me if I'm not around much until mid August. I'm still here. I'm just enjoying my girls while I have them all to myself!

Hope all my friends are having a great summer full of fun and relaxing to!


  1. Your summer sounds a lot like mine - except we really haven't gone anywhere!! I really feel like spending time with the girls as much as possible - so it's nice to be my own boss sometimes. :)

  2. Enjoy VBS, and the few weeks left of "vacation". Take lots of pictures to share with us later, okay?

  3. Summer has flown by, I was just saying that the other day. We only have 3 weeks left before school starts here...YIKES!