Friday, July 2, 2010

My Thumb Is Still Green

Amazingly, the tomatoes are still alive.

I thought I'd lose them when we went on a 12 day vacation. I paid a little neighbor girl to come water them and hoped for the best. They were a little pale when we returned but I think that was because they needed some fertilizing. And it rained alot while we were gone so maybe too much water?

Anyways. They are still alive. Some more than others.

And the first ones are ready to be pulled off! Or will be in a day or two.

Question is....who will get to them first? Me or hubs?

And will it come to blows?

The tomatoes on this side of the patio are all doing well.
This side is sad. It has the stubby runt. The middle one has dying leaves with brown spots. Not sure what its problem is.

So our experiment with the patio tomatoes is going well, I'd say. The tomatoes and plants are smallish...but I guess they would be since there is only so much room for the roots.

So how about you guys? Did you try and grow any food this year? How is it going?


  1. Every single year I vow that this will be the one. But every single year I fail and don't even plant or try. :( fail! lol.

  2. We did! Our squash and tomatoes did great (tomatoes are still flourishing) and the garden even produced about 30 green beans and 3 banana peppers! ha! Next year, we'll have to learn more about keeping strawberry plants alive, as well as red bell peppers. It's so fun going out and letting the girls pick the produce!

  3. So jealous!! My tomatoes are still really green! We had way too much rain a couple weeks ago... I'd say you have some blight. We have it too. :(

    Also planted jalapeno peppers and green bell peppers. Those are a long way off too!

  4. I'm so proud of you! I'm terrible at plants.

  5. We're just about to start some tomato plants. But I'm cheating with that "topsy turvy" thing :) I dont have high hopes for it honestly (especially since I think we're starting at the wrong time of year) but it'll give the kids something to do over the next few weeks- watering and checking to see if it's done anything every day. Wish me luck, lol.

  6. I am not having much luck. I had one squash, which was tiny. I keep getting blooms, but they never turn into anything. I have a green pepper, but it seems to have stalled out too, so tiny. The zucchini died, the strawberries were a flop, and the tomatoes are looking sad so far. But, I think I am going to get cucumber... We'll see.
    I am so glad you are getting something you can actually enjoy! I got to bring home two quarts of blueberries from my in-laws this weekend, so my boys are in heaven. At least I have people to "sponge" off of!