Friday, April 16, 2010

There's An Ap For That

So now that we have established my love for my new phone, let's talk about the things on it that make it so lovable.

After stumbling into the kitchen and turning on the electric kettle, I fall into my desk chair at command central and do the check. Computer still online? Need to check this first as our phone is a Magic Jack. If it's goofed up I do the reboot and make sure the phone is up and running.

From there it is time to check the iPhone. First order of business is the weather. This ap comes installed. For the first time in my adult life I actually know the weather each morning. I can actually tell if my kids are dressed appropriately.

Step two is to check my calendar. I think this was already on there also. I live by a calendar - but it's always been on the side of my refrigerator. This means some appointments never made it on there as they were made away from home. Now I use both but trust this one more.

Step three is to check my to do list. I have a free ap called Easy Task. It is pretty much just a to- do list. I like that I can set due dates and categories. And most important is the completed button for when you do it. It just gives you the satisfaction of completing something. I'm one of those that will add something I did to a list just to be able to scratch it off even if I hadn't written it down before. Am I the only nerd that does that?

And now I can start my day with half a clue.

Some of my other useful aps would be:

Maps - which came installed and is just that. I have actually used it when I didn't have the gps in the car. It eats up batteries pretty fast but it gets you where you want to go.

For paid aps - something I rarely do:

My Library - a book catalog. I have a huge list of wants and even more reads and owns. This helps me to avoid duplicating. Also, if someone mentions a book I'd be interested in I add it to the want list and can add notes as to who suggested or whatever. Also catalog CDs and DVDs. You can enter everything manually or scan the barcodes. Sweet.

DC Way - an ap all about DC. It even gets you to the subways and tells you where free and paid attractions ate. It's a guidebook on my phone for our trip in May.

Cool free aps:

I have an icon that takes me straight to my blog. No real reason except I was learning how to do this with any web page and that's the one I learned with.

Along those same lines there is Blogpress Lite so I can make blog posts right from my phone like I'm doing right now while I am waiting for my daughter to finish her Girl Scout meeting.

GReaderApp - Google reader for the phone so you can read your favorite blogs when stuck waiting on kids with no concept of time.

For more Internet madness there is the facebook app. Now you can post status updates while stuck in traffic. Someone please shoot me if I ever do this.

For those that like their Pandora radio on the computer.....they have it for your phone also. Pandora allows you to pick all the types of music you like and then you give each song a thumbs up or thumbs down to help it pick more songs you will like. It will not play a thumbs down again.

AroundMe is an app that tells you what's around you. I know, profound. It uses your current location and has tabs like gas, coffee shop, hospital, food, etc. Very handy.

LocalBooks - like above but all book stores.

OneTap Movies gives you all the theaters in your area (uses you location by gps) and what is playing. Love it and I don't hardly go to the movies. They show the dollar places also.

PhoneFlicks is the Netflix app. Add movies to your cue from anywhere. I've done this while watching previews somewhere.

Did you know they have a Spark People ap also? So if you use their food and exercise diary you can do it from the phone...which is great when you are eating out.

Of course there is Kindle for the iPhone also. I don't use it much, but occasionally I forget my book so now I still have something to read while stuck in a waiting room or waiting in the car or whatever. Handy.

For shopping there is the ap if you are someone that uses them alot. There is also this really cool ap called ShopSavy where you scan the barcode of what you are wanting to buy and it tells you how much and where you can buy it from on line and in your area. We saved by doing this a few times. Way cool. Why spend $100 in this store when a block over its only $60. Super sweet.

YPmobile is a phonebook...yellow pages. I like this ap over the other big one because it has a list of events going on in your area and I can pull it up at any time I am bored and see what's going on in town. Love it.

If you travel alot there is an Expedia ap where you can keep up with your flights or someone else who is flying to see you. When mom came I knew exactly when all her flights took off and landed and if there were any delays or changes. It was awesome! And you don't have to book through Expedia to use can enter whatever flights you want.

So there you have my regulars. I have a few others but they are more centered around my hobbies and wouldn't be much interest to my buds.

As you can see, I pretty much use the thing daily.

Who would have thought?

And if any of you friends know some other great aps...make sure to share!

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  1. Sounds amazing! Made me want to go out and get one, you know, if it was in the budget. They should seriously consider paying you for advertising the benefits of that phone!

    About the to-do list, I write things down just to cross them off ALL. THE. TIME. It serves as a way to recall when certain things happened. That said, I also keep mine until I know I no longer need the info on them. The kids think I am nuts. Maybe that's just because my list is color-coded, though! :)

  2. Rolls eyes!!!! Color-freakin coded?????? Ok. So I'M not the nerd. You are. Hah!

  3. I'd say you're in pretty deep now. LOL! I have a blackberry. Not real exciting, but I use the Facebook app once in awhile. Still haven't even figured out Blackberry App World. Wish I had a weather app. I'm sure there's probably one in the aforementioned App World if I ever cared to figure it out.

  4. I totally didn't know about DC Way... can't wait to check that out. Then again, we live here, so we hardly ever take advantage of the attractions.